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Dependency-related engine cooperation meeting

Last update date October 28, 2020

Dependency-related engine cooperation meeting

In health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart, we hold "Yokohama-shi dependency-related engine cooperation meeting" (we say "cooperation meeting" as follows.) as business of "dependency consultation base" based on "dependency measures synthesis support project" that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare sets.

Through cooperation meeting, related organizations such as administration, medical care, health, the welfare, the judiciary deepen each other's understanding and aim at construction of network which is easy to access support that various places of trouble are necessary for problem of dependency.


We hold cooperation meeting for the purpose of related organizations planning close cooperation to realize comprehensive support for the person, family of dependency in Yokohama-shi.

[main activity]

・Thing about joint ownership of information and problem about support such as the person, family of dependency
・Cooperation and adjustment about support such as the person, family of dependency, thing about the training plan
・Thing that is necessary about support such as the person, family of other dependencies
(than "Yokohama-shi dependency-related engine cooperation meeting administration summary")

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