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New coronavirus infectious disease and dependency

Last update date October 28, 2020

About approach of new coronavirus infectious disease measures in dependency measures business of Yokohama-shi

For new model coronavirus infectious disease expansion prevention, we work as follows on carrying out dependency individual consultation, dependency recovery program WAI-Y for people, dependency family lesson.

1.When you are ill-conditioned, please stop attendance.
 Please cooperate with thermometry and entry of "physical condition confirmation list" before participation.
 When poor physical condition is living together families, please stop visit to an office.
2. Please cooperate with confirmation of emergency contact number.
 We will have the name, house, contact information. It deals with information that we had severely.
3.When there was application, visit more than capacity, I may decline participation.
4.You open space with others as much as possible, and please take seat.
5. Please always wear mask. Lecturer, the staff wears mask, too.
 When you do not have mask, please call the staff immediately.
6. I would like brisk ⼿ finger disinfection.
 You keep hand-washing before and after use of our center in mind, and please sterilize finger with attached alcohol antiseptic solution.
7. We perform periodical ventilation.
8.We carry out sterilization of article thoroughly.
 We carry out article sterilization such as desk, chair before and after use of venue thoroughly.

※When you will receive polymerase chain reaction tests of new coronavirus infectious disease after the use of our center, please connect with our center by all means.
 It is the use in dependency individual consultation (visit to an office), WAI-Y, family classroom: Telephone 045-662-3543

New coronavirus infectious disease and dependency

For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, influence occurs for various activities. Influence such as not being able to hold in each place, and mutual self-help group which supported recovery of the person concerned and the person concerned family of dependency reducing scale comes out.

In addition, we have that there is case which quantity to consume alcohol or drug by change of life increases pointed out even if we can live without problem really till then.

[leaflet] New coronavirus infectious disease and dependency (PDF: 712KB)

Be careful in daily life

WHO or Japanese alcohol Addiction medical society give that they want you to be careful in daily life for such people as follows.

  • We make time for dishes or reading and will increase time carrying out other activities when we enjoy and can be relaxed. Taking thing and sleep to exercise at garden and veranda as far as there is not of unreasonableness well again of balance let's prevent it being said and from forgetting regular life including meal and enough hydration.
  • Time close against net and game may increase with present status more than usual. We prevent time when ⾒ can checkmate screen from becoming long, and let's keep in mind to make enough downtimes and working time except game.
  • When time to need increases in home, and the uneasy situation continues, quantities of drinking increase more, and, as for the which stopped liquor, risk of re-drinking may increase. Person that time to drink liquor in comparison with the past is advanced keeps regular life in mind, and let's think about drinking. Though we turned off liquor, that drinks again, and does not stop, quantities of drinking increase, and please consult with consultation counter and medical institution of Yokohama-shi about trouble.
  • We take surplus prescribed medicine which we got in previous medicine by self-judgment while there is not medical advice and may be related by what we take excessively for the onset of drug dependency with in health big risk. Person under treatment does not stop treatment, and let's talk with experts such as family doctor or healthcare worker.
  • People with problems such as gambles may be devoted to online gambles excessively while many amusement complexes are closed. We will talk about customs such as gambles positively without holding alone.

Let's be connected to somebody without taking on trouble of dependence alone

  • We are hard to talk in such situation in particular and are told that there is trouble of dependency called alcohol, drug, gamble and game even if it is easy to stand alone. Person participating in mutual self-help group contacts members of sponsor and the same group and will prevent connection with the neighborhood from cutting.
  • It is not necessary to restrain itself at a stretch, and, about going to hospital to medical institution, let's decide ambulatory frequency in consultation with teacher of family doctor. Let's do infection prophylaxis such as avoiding mask and hand-washing, crowd on going to hospital. It talks with reliable neighboring people, and it leads to security and hope to make prospect.


Consultation about dependency of Yokohama-shi

In addition, we carry out individual consultation of dependency in Yokohama-shi.
Please feel free to contact without citizen's person having a problem being alone, and holding as we accept telephone consultation.

Consultation counter of Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division of house ino ward
Dependency individual consultation of health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart

Information about new coronavirus infectious disease

We place information of related organizations such as news or Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare from Yokohama-shi about new coronavirus infectious disease.
Look at "information about new coronavirus infectious disease" (Motoichi homepage).

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