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New coronavirus infection and addiction

Final update date October 28, 2020

About approach of new coronavirus infectious disease measures in addiction measures business of Yokohama-shi

In conducting individual consultations on addiction, WAI-Y, and addiction family classrooms, we will work as follows to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.

1.If you feel sick, please cancel the course.
 Please cooperate with the temperature measurement and the entry of the "physical condition confirmation table" before participating.
 If you have a poor physical condition in your living together, please cancel your visit.
2. Please help us to confirm your emergency contact number, please help
 Your name, house and contact information, please. Your information will be handled strictly.
3.Participation may be refused if there is an application or visit exceeding the capacity.
4.Open the space with others as much as possible and sit down.
5. Always wear a mask. Lecturers and staff also wear masks.
 If you do not have a mask, call the staff immediately.
6. Please disinfect your hands frequently.
 Try to wash your hands before and after using this center, and disinfect your fingers with the alcohol disinfectant provided.
7. Provides regular ventilation.
8.Thoroughly disinfect the goods.
 Thoroughly disinfect desks and chairs before and after use of the venue.

※If you decide to undergo a PCR test for a new coronavirus infection after using this center, be sure to contact this center.
 Individual consultation on addiction (visit), WAI-Y, family classroom telephone 045-662-35433

New coronavirus infection and addiction

Various activities have been affected to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Self-help groups, which have supported the recovery of addictive parties and their families, have also been affected by the inability to hold them in various places and the scale being reduced.

It has also been pointed out that even if you can live without any problems until then, the amount of alcohol and drugs taken may increase due to changes in your life.

[Leaflet] New coronavirus infection and addiction (PDF: 712KB)

Be careful in your daily life

WHO and the Japan Alcohol Additional Medical Association have stated that these people should be aware of their daily lives as follows.

  • Make more time for cooking and reading, and spend more time doing other activities that you can enjoy and relax. Don't forget to live a regular life, such as exercising in the garden or veranda within a reasonable range, getting a good sleep, and having a well-balanced meal and sufficient hydration.
  • In the current situation, you may have more time to interact with the Internet and games than usual. Make sure you don't have much time to watch the screen, and make sure you have enough time to stop and perform activities other than games.
  • If you spend more time at home or continue to be uneasy, you may have more drinking than usual, and if you stop drinking, the risk of re-drinking may increase. If you have more time to drink than before, try to live a regular life and think about drinking. If you have stopped drinking but have not stopped drinking again, or if you are worried about increased drinking, please consult a consultation desk or medical institution in Yokohama.
  • In the absence of medical advice, taking too much prescription medicine given by the previous doctor at your own discretion or taking too much internal medicine can be a major health risk and lead to the development of drug addiction. There is. If you are undergoing treatment, do not suspend treatment and consult a specialist such as a family doctor.
  • While many recreational facilities are closed, people with gambling and other problems may be overly immersed in online gambling. Let's talk about habits such as gambling positively without holding alone.

Don't worry about dependence alone, let's connect with someone.

  • It is said that if you are suffering from addiction such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, games, etc., it is difficult to consult in such a situation and it is easy to be isolated. If you are participating in a self-help group, contact your sponsor or members of the same group so that you can not connect with others.
  • It is not necessary to forcibly refrain from going to a medical institution, but consult with a family doctor teacher to determine the frequency of going to the hospital. When going to the hospital, take preventive measures such as masks, hand washing, and avoiding crowds. Talking with trusted people and making an outlook can lead to a sense of security and hope.


Consultation about addiction in Yokohama

In addition, Yokohama City provides individual consultation on addiction.
As we accept telephone consultation, please do not hesitate to consult with citizens in need, and feel free to contact us.

Consultation Service for Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division in your ward
Individual consultation on addiction at the Health Consultation Center in Yokohama

Information on new coronavirus infection

We publish news from Yokohama-shi about new coronavirus infectious disease and information of related organizations such as Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Please see "information about new coronavirus infectious disease" (in Motoichi homepage).

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