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[Health and Social Welfare Bureau] About approach for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread in business for citizens (health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart)

Last update date August 6, 2020

When gathering of own death bereaved "soft breeze" carries out dependency individual consultation, dependency recovery program WAI-Y for people, dependency family classroom, for new model coronavirus infectious disease expansion prevention, we work as follows.

1.When you are ill-conditioned, please stop attendance.
  Please cooperate with thermometry and entry of "physical condition confirmation list" before participation.
  When poor physical condition is living together families, please stop visit to an office.
2. Please cooperate with confirmation of emergency contact number.
  We will have the name, house, contact information. It deals with information that we had severely.
3.When there was application, visit more than capacity, I may decline participation.
4.You open space with others as much as possible, and please take seat.
5. Please always wear mask. Lecturer, the staff wears mask, too.
  When you do not have mask, please call the staff immediately.
6. I would like brisk ⼿ finger disinfection.
  You keep hand-washing before and after use of our center in mind, and please sterilize finger with attached alcohol antiseptic solution.
7. We perform periodical ventilation.
8.We carry out sterilization of article thoroughly.
  We carry out article sterilization such as desk, chair before and after use of venue thoroughly.

※When you will receive polymerase chain reaction tests of new coronavirus infectious disease after the use of our center, please connect with our center by all means.
 Using gathering of own death bereaved "soft breeze:" Telephone 045-662-3558
 It is the use in dependency individual consultation (visit to an office), WAI-Y, family classroom: Telephone 045-662-3543 

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