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Yokohama health stamp rally

Final update date November 30, 2018

What is the Yokohama Health Stamp Rally?

The Yokohama Health Stamp Rally is a business where you can apply for a lottery where you can win prizes by participating in the health promotion business.
We distribute stamp card to one participating in target business such as exercise, sports, eating habits, care prevention lecture. Participants can apply for a lottery that wins various prizes by collecting two stamps that can be obtained to participate in the target business and receiving a health check such as a medical examination.

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※The 2017 Yokohama Health Stamp Rally has ended.

About the secretariat and open call for participants pertaining to outsourcing of homepage management business

We are recruiting businesses to carry out the Yokohama Health Stamp Rally and the Yokohama Health Style Homepage Management Business in 2018.
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Telephone: 045-671-2451

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