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Please cooperate with population dynamics occupation, industrial investigation in 2020

Last update date March 6, 2020

In the case of report of birth, the death, stillbirth, the marriage, divorce, please fill in occupation

 We have you submit each notice to birth and the death, case and the marriage that included stillbirth, divorced at window of each ward office.
 We carry out population dynamics investigation, and the findings is utilized as public sanitation, labor hygiene, the important basics information for each measure including social welfare based on these reports every year in Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
 We ask each notice for entry (entry that is industrial in death registration/death notification form in addition) of occupation to carry out population dynamics investigation (occupation, industry) in the year when national census once in five years in particular is carried out.
 When these reports are done in 2020, I would like cooperation.
 In addition, please fill out in peace as information to use by population dynamics investigation is followed strictly by statistical law.

1 object

 Report of birth, the death, stillbirth, the marriage, divorces from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021

2 investigation method

 When it is reported each notice, please fill in occupation each.
 ≪Entry example≫
  ・Doctor, teacher…"Specialty, tech job"
  ・Pen-pushers…"Desk job"
  ・Member of store, sales position worker…"Sale job"
  ・Beautician, home helper (home-care worker)…"Service job"
※ Please fill in industry such as "agriculture" "construction industry" "manufacturing industry" "firmness industry" in death registration/death notification form in addition besides. To teller of ward office reporting "ask reported birth, death, stillbirth, marriage, divorce (please refer to occupation, industrial illustration list ※ following.) As "is provided, after reference, I would like entry.

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