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Last update date August 14, 2020

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Can search by the location such as restaurants or conduct contents.

Registration new on March 3, 2020
<Aoba Ward> BIB HOUSE Steak & Grill
<Konan Ward> Pastel

We search at the location of participation shop

We search in the location ward
The ward nameThe number of the participation storesHealth support menuNutrition ingredient indicationNon-smoking in shop
Aoba Ward

93 stores

Asahi WardSix stores214
Izumi WardThree stores212
Isogo Ward20 stores1710
Kanagawa Ward22 stores1216
Kanazawa Ward15 stores7212
Konan Ward14 stores7111
Kohoku Ward30 stores526
Sakae Ward35 stores1732
Seya WardFour stores112
Tsuzuki Ward  14 stores728
Tsurumi Ward26 stores11119
Totsuka Ward45 stores33229
Naka Ward19 stores10111
Nishi Ward18 stores5213
Hodogaya Ward13 stores649
Midori Ward33 stores15223
Minami WardThree stores23
All city totals413 stores17120318

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