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When use health support menu well; 1

Last update date March 19, 2019

Balance menu?
We can take in various ingredients in a good balance by piling staple food, main dish, vice-greens in separate plates.

Set mealCurry

 EnergyProteinLipidCalciumIronVitamin AVitamin CSalt
Grilled fish set meal621kcal31.6 g14.7 g113 mg3.1 g663ug46 mg4.3 g
Curry and rice814kcal1.0 g21.6 g56 mg2.0 g568ug28 mg

3.3 g

In the case of one piece of article menu, included ingredients decrease, and deflection exits in nutrient which we can take in.

☆Balance is important for meal.
Good meal of balance is meal which staple food, main dish, vice-greens are of.
In addition, we will take three meals a day well.

Effect of good meal of balance
Quantity is different from type of nutrient included in food for each food. Even if it is any food, we cannot take nutrient which is necessary for only one food. As staple food, main dish, characteristic of nutrition side such as vice-greens eat on the basis of combination of different dishes, can take necessary nutrient in a good balance without depending on food which strengthened specific ingredient.

What is staple food?

Image of rice

Image of bread


We make nadono temperature and are food which is a support to work.

What is main dish?

Image of meat

Image of fish

Image of egg

Soybean product

It is food becoming nadono blood and meat.

What are vice-greens?

Image of vegetables

It is food fixing condition of body.
When we use plenty of vegetables menu well?

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