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In "Yokohama health cheering party", people using eating out and lunch, side dish ate deliciously, and was healthy, and considered; provide menus which are healthy by participation shop and collaboration of Yokohama-shi and the information to be able to choose.
Participation shop chooses "offer of health support menu" "nutrition ingredient indication" item which "we give up smoking daylong" and can carry out in each shop from all over the one, and each works voluntarily. Yokohama-shi introduces participation shop to perform these approaches on homepage of healthy information bank as "Yokohama health cheering party" and provides meal and information about health.
By using participation shop well, put together to own body and open width of choice of meal, and do you not eat in relieved space that there is not of smoke of cigarette?


What is 1 Yokohama health cheering party?

When we use 2 health support menus well

When we use 3 nutrition ingredient indication well

When we use 4 non-smoking conduct shops well

Searches such as 5 participation restaurants

What is Yokohama health cheering party?

In Yokohama-shi, we devise "health Yokohama 21" as guideline of citizen's health promotion.
And we perform approach to support citizen's health promotion in the fields such as meal and exercise, non-smoking voluntarily and call company where we offered participation to with "Yokohama health cheering party".
We enlighten consciousness about health by compiling these information, and providing to citizen on "healthy information bank" of Yokohama-shi homepages and aim at citizens who are going to work on health promotion increasing

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