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When we use nutrition ingredient indication well

Last update date March 19, 2019

Nutrition ingredient indication?
Quantity necessary for 1st varies according to age and momenta. Let's utilize nutrition ingredient indication to know necessary indication per day, and to take around 1/3 in once.
※As we are displayed about lipid and salt voluntarily, there is thing without indication depending on store, too.

Indication of quantity necessary per day…
Division18-29 years old30-49 years old50-69 years old70 years or older
Lipid51 g - 76 g50 g - 62 g46 g - 56 g27 g - 44 g
SaltLess than 10 g
Lipid39 g - 58 g38 g - 47 g37 g - 45 g23 g - 37 g
SaltLess than 8 g

In the case of person who most sit down other than walk or housework of degree as for the indication mentioned above for 1-2 hours, and often talks with desk work.
(Japanese meal intake standard (2005 version))

Taking too much energy
Obesity greatly affects diabetes, high blood pressure, lifestyle-related diseases including hyperlipidemia.
In addition, it is necessary to keep quantity of meal appropriate to daily activities in mind because life becomes convenient, and active mass in everyday life is easy to fall so that intake of energy does not become superabundant.
To that end, we do invention to nominate quantity of activities of daily living for and will prevent you from overeating yourself. When it eats food at time to choose, it is important to know daily intake in reference to nutrition ingredient indication.

Person who eats too much

Adipose taking too much
In late years upward trend includes the fat energy ratio for Japanese intake energy.
Taking too much fat is regarded as one of the risk factors causing obesity and lifestyle-related diseases.
In addition, fat varies in influence to give to health by type as well as quantity. As different types of fatty acid is included in animal, plant, fish, it is necessary to take these in a good balance.

Balance of fat

Taking too much salt
When taking too much salt saws high blood pressure; stroke and heart disease raising is said that do.
From the viewpoint of hypertensive prevention, we refrain from salty food and will reduce intake of salt.
We can eat deliciously even if we refrain from salt when we use soup stock or citrus fruits, spice, vinegar.
When we use health support menu well?
When we use non-smoking conduct shop well?
Where are the participation restaurants?

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