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Let's be careful about heat stroke

Last update date October 29, 2020

Point of heat stroke preventive action in "new lifestyle"

○It might become at increased risk of heat stroke when we wear mask while temperature, humidity is high.
 When we can secure enough distance (at least 2m or more) with people outdoors, in consideration of risk of heat stroke, we will take off mask.
○When we wear mask, we avoid work and campaign for strong load and will keep hydration in mind diligently even if not thirsty
 u. In addition, it is necessary we take off mask appropriately at place to be able to take distance with neighboring people enough, and to take a break.
○ It is necessary to secure ventilation by ventilation fan and window opening even in air conditioner to prevent new coronavirus infectious disease.
 In this case as indoor temperature rises, let's coordinate temperature setting of air-conditioner for the heat stroke prevention diligently.
○ The everyday temperature measurement, healthy check are effective as well as new coronavirus infectious disease in preventing heat stroke.
 When we felt that we are ill-conditioned, we will take a rest at home without overdoing it.
○ We will do elderly person, child, watch, calling to person with a disability that are easy to suffer from heat stroke while avoiding 3 dense (crowd, closeness, sealing).

Heat stroke preventive action (flyer A4 one side) of Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare making 2020 (PDF: 719KB)
Heat stroke preventive action (flyer A4 both sides) in Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare making "new lifestyle" (PDF: 809KB)
About point to keep in mind of taking an action preventive heat stroke of Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare making 2020 (material for details) (PDF: 113KB)

The heat stroke prevention point

We consume 1 water diligently

・Let's take moisture diligently even if not thirsty.
 ※Alcohol stimulates dewatering adversely to provide diuresis.
・When we scratched a lot of sweat, let's supply moisture and salt in sports drinks.
・We subdivide appropriate amount, and let's drink without drinking lot at a time.

Invention of 2 clothes

・We loosen neck, and let's make good clothes of ventilation.
・Let's use hat and parasol when going out.
・We absorb sweat, and let's make clothes of air permeable good material.

We avoid 3 heat

・We avoid direct rays of the sun and will walk the shade.
・Let's refrain from work under hot weather bottom and the high temperature and humidity and intense exercise as much as possible.
・Let's use air conditioning such as air-conditioners without overdoing it.
・We will check indoor temperature, humidity.

Health promotion from around 4th

・We take sleep enough, and let's keep good meal of balance in mind.
・Of physical condition let's prevent you from overdoing it when is bad.
・We make short custom carrying out a light activity and will fit heat.
 ※Let's refrain from impossible exercise.

Symptom of heat stroke

Symptom of heat stroke

Disease severity


Slight illness

Dizziness, muscular pain, mass sweat※

Medium grade symptom

Headache, feeling unpleasantness, nausea, vomiting, lassitude, despondency


Motor deficit, hyperthermy of disturbance of consciousness, convulsions, hands and feet

※As there is not sweat if heat stroke becomes severe and becomes dry skin, what we do not judge only from sweat is important

Emergency measure

・Evacuation to cool environment
 ⇒Let's rest quietly in bed at good place of ventilation in the room where air-conditioner worked for or the shade.
・Stripping and cooling
 ⇒Let's do invention to lower temperature by cooling with ice pack sending wind to bathe in water which takes off clothes, and misses heat.
・It supplies with moisture, salt
 ⇒Let's refrain from impossible intakes to be in danger of aspiration on vomiting.
 ※Alcohol, caffeine add to volume of urine, and let's wait as dewatering may advance.
   Oral supplementary water liquid (thing which dissolved salt and glucose in water) and sports drinks which we can supply with salt lost for sweat are most suitable.
It becomes indication of conveyance to medical institution not to be able to drink water by oneself. Let's cope early before not becoming seriously ill.

Let's be careful about such points

Let's mind change of everyday physical condition.
We will usually mind change of oneself and neighboring physical condition. Advanced age and child, impaired person require attention in particular.

It is elderly people of patients with heat stroke quite with half 65 years or over

Old person has decreased sensory function for heat and water deficit and physical adjustment function for heat.
We check indoor temperature, humidity diligently because we often suffer from heat stroke in the room and will use air-conditioner even if we do not feel heat.

Consideration to where it is difficult to report poor physical condition is necessary

Let's mind physical condition of that it is difficult to report poor physical condition including small child and impaired person.
As adjustment function of temperature has not developed enough yet, and small child is easy to suffer from heat stroke, attention is necessary.
Person with disease may have decreased adjustment function of temperature. It is important to mind change of physical condition.

When when we were at a loss, we were in trouble

Emergency consultation center

#When 7119 is not connected; ... 045-232-7119

We want to look for emergency care engine

Information about heat stroke prevention

Heat stroke measures leaflet for the summer event holding

In late years there is concern about influence on health because days that come to have 30 degrees Celsius or more temperature increase, and we see in the long term, and there is temperature in upward trend through the year.
We made leaflet which gathered up prophylaxis to hold safely based on heat stroke in particular being easy to occur at event in the summer the outdoors. Please inflect in conjunction with check list.
Downloading this (PDF: 746KB)

Heat stroke measures check lists such as the summer events at the time of holding

You match with leaflet, and please inflect at the time of event holding.
Downloading this (PDF: 864KB)

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