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Yokohama-shi health activity promotion member

Final update date March 16, 2020

What is the health promotion member?

Member of Yokohama-shi health activity promotion is leader of local health promotion.

Approximately 4,000 people commissioned by The mayor by recommendation of Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association to work with the ward office to promote local health.

We perform various activities as a promoter in the area of the Yokohama Citizens' Health Promotion Plan "Health Yokohama 21".

Illustration image of health activity promotion member
Image of Health Activity Promotion Members

What kind of activities are you doing?

  1. We plan and implement health promotion activities.

Examples of activities, health checks, physical strength measurements, walking and gymnastics classes, educational activities such as smoking cessation and health (examination) consultation

  1. We tell local opinion and information to ward offices and cooperate with health promotion business such as ward offices.
  2. For the promotion of local health, we will develop activities that match the actual conditions of the community, such as preventive care, support for the elderly and child care.

When I become a health promotion member ...

When you become a health activity promotion member, you can receive lectures such as lifestyle-related diseases prevention and practical training on how to conduct health checks in order to learn about the practices and activities of their own health promotion.

In addition, we hold general workshop in 18 wards joint and announce health promotion activity and learn the situation of activity of other wards and work on making use of in activity.

Details of the activities

Please contact each ward office.
Health and Welfare Center, Health Promotion Section of eachHealth and Welfare Division

About news from member of health activity promotion ...

It has been 70 years since the system was launched in 2018!

Health activity promotion members have reached 70 years since the system was established in 1948. A commemorative magazine has been created to follow the trajectory so far and use it in future activities.
I will introduce the page from among them!

Cover of commemorative magazine

You can see commemorative magazines in Chuo-toshokan and in each City Library.
Please pick it up!

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