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Yokohama food education Web

Food education portal site of Yokohama-shi! We gather information about food education of Yokohama-shi!

Last update date November 24, 2020

What is food education?

In the everyday eating habits and activity, how long is practice of food education done?
We publish hints of practice about each item!
(in each food education logo mark of ↓ Clik!)

Food education practice check
 We will check whether you come in item ...Practice point
1We have meal which put staple food, main dish, vice-greens togetherLet's know art of good meal of balance!(PDF: 487KB)
2We eat breakfast every dayDo you know? Secret of breakfast!(PDF: 556KB)
3We practice that meat saving food washing hand before meal at appropriate temperature heats well and eatsDelicious meal is Safety First!(PDF: 606KB)
4We make what we do not leave in the case of meal customLet's reduce food nomottainaio(PDF: 808KB)
5We eat breakfast, dinner with familiesLet's eat happily!(PDF: 808KB)
We feel time for meal if fun
6We are careful that anything gets caught forever and can eatTo eat deliciously forever(PDF: 475KB)
7We buy local product and may eatLet's practice local production for local consumption in Yokohama(PDF: 463KB)
8We are interested in food education event and food education volunteerLet's know various food education(PDF: 480KB)

Approach introduction

Yokohama-shi formula COOKPAD (formal kitchen)

We introduce recipe to be useful for local production for local consumption recipe using ingredients of Yokohama-shi and daily health promotions.
"What shall we make today?…When you have a problem with ", please see by all means! (we move to Yokohama-shi formula COOKPAD when we click image.)

[NEW‼] Recent contribution of Yokohama-shi formula COOKPAD

Breakfast recipes "Yokohama breakfast style" to make morning fun

We made breakfast recipes.
You can download all pages than the following.

Yokohama breakfast-style (recipes)
Yokohama breakfast-style

Approach of city hall

Please utilize food education promotion logo mark!

We made food education promotion logo to achieve effect of promotion activity of food education still more in Yokohama-shi. This logo mark expresses "close person and figure eating with smile happily". Please utilize logo mark positively to raise interest in food education of citizen's all of you, and to assume opportunity to act.
As I hand data when use of logo mark is hoped for, please contact City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau health business section.

Yokohama-shi food education logo
Yokohama-shi food education promotion logo mark

Collection of materials for leaders of Yokohama-shi food education

We publish collection of links and recipe to collect information about food education.
We classify contents in six items to "food education promotion plan of Yokohama-shi in school" and publish each guidepost.
Please inflect widely at school and home.

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