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Yokohama breakfast campaign

Last update date February 5, 2021

We let brain and body wake, and breakfast is very important to start day well. In Yokohama-shi, we say with one of aim in lowering ratio of citizen going without a meal for breakfast in the second Yokohama-shi food education promotion plan. We carry out "Yokohama breakfast campaign" to have you realize importance of breakfast.

Conduct contents

(1) We raise offices promoting breakfast intake of employee!
(2) We open Yokohama-shi nutrition management website by trial!
(3) We utilize poster and e-mail magazine and send about effect of breakfast intake!
(4) Under breakfast recipes "Yokohama breakfast-style" distribution!

(1)We raise the city offices promoting breakfast intake of employee!

We raise the following offices performing one or more approaches in 1, 2.

We challenge 1 "dye cloth using paper patterns breakfast"! Shall we eat breakfast in ... workplace? ...
  We have company which puts, and provides services such as meals or product which can apply in breakfast cooperate,
  We tie the city office and cooperation company to hope for. There is this campaign-limited advantageous privilege.

Approach for breakfast intake promotion that office in two thinks about
  We carry out approach of the city office original leading to breakfast intake.

We introduce the city office which carried out approach on Motoichi homepage.
(answer to ※ questionnaire is necessary only for desired office.)

Flow of application

①You list required items in application, and please apply by email to Health and Social Welfare Bureau health business section ([email protected]).
  Application period: From Friday, January 8 to Friday, February 26

②We share application contents with cooperation company and get a contact about contract contents from cooperation company or Health and Social Welfare Bureau health business section.
 ※In the case of a lot of applications, we should draw lots. 
③You set four weeks in until April 30 from March 1, and you put, and, after cooperation company and the contract conclusion, please start meal.
 In addition, I would like answer to questionnaire before and after conduct.
 Questionnaire answer form (the outside site) 

Lists such as cooperation company, products, service ※The details of products, service, please click each company name.
Company name Products, service Privilege, amount of money Can contract; number
AIVICK (the outside site)

・Diet meal

・Clean meal

30%OFF usually more up to than offer price
※The following prices are prices after discount application.
・Diet meal 469 yen ...
・Beautiful meal 539 yen ...
※20 meals of minimum sale numbers


OKAN (the outside site)

We do not put office
(we offer exclusive small one refrigerator, exclusive BOX, container, dishware one set)

・Initial expense 50,000 yen for free
・Monthly basis charge 54,600 yen (S plan, tax-excluded) one month free of charge
※Side dish rate (one article of 100 yen) is employee burden
(cash, cashless settlement possibility)

Three companies

Bread four you (the outside site)

Bread four you office
(it includes management such as rental freezer, delivery, the expiration date)
※Old "office pansuku"
(we change service name of on January 18, 2021)

・30 bread for free (normal 200 yen per one)
・Monthly basis management fee
 It is usually discounted by 30,000 yen notokoro 10,000 yen
・Trial contract one-month only in place of contracts at least three months or more, this campaign is usually possibility


Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (PDF: 1,019KB) Calory mate

・Campaign special price
90 yen (tax-excluded) with one calory mate two
(120 number of the minimum sale (2 cases) 10,800 yen (tax-excluded))
・Gratuitous loan of "stomach pekoe"

20 limitation

Kiyoken (the outside site)

Chinese rice porridge series
(sharkfin rice porridge, crab rice porridge, scallop rice porridge)

It is free shipping in 20 total order products or more
One meal of 310 yen ...



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(2)We open Yokohama-shi nutrition management website by trial!

Yokohama-shi supplement check
Yokohama-shi formula supplement check

During breakfast campaign period, we open nutrition management website in connection with Otsuka Pharmaceutical.
We graph nutrition balance of meal which we ate per day, and which "we want to spend time well every day" is tool which can manage nutrition balance depending on hope to "play sports".
※Otsuka Pharmaceutical concludes Yokohama-shi and inclusion cooperation agreement.

(3)We utilize poster and e-mail magazine and send about importance of breakfast intake!

We make poster about importance of breakfast intake in cooperation with Otsuka Pharmaceutical and send around the city office.

(4)Under breakfast recipes "Yokohama breakfast-style" distribution!

We distribute "Yokohama breakfast-style" which collected recipes in cut end on six themes for breakfast at each ward office Health and Welfare Division or event.
In addition, downloading of data is possible, too.
Yokohama breakfast-style (PDF: 13,061KB)

Yokohama breakfast-style

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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