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Yokohama food education Web approach introduction

Last update date March 8, 2019

Breakfast recipes "Yokohama breakfast style" to make morning fun

To have you realize pleasure of importance and meal of breakfast in Yokohama-shi,
We made breakfast recipes.
You can download all pages than the following.
Yokohama breakfast-style downloading (PDF: 13,061KB)

Yokohama breakfast-style

Yokohama-shi food education promotion support project

We carry out Yokohama-shi food education promotion support project to issue grant for food education promotion that private business person, private sector performs to promote food education in the city still more in Yokohama-shi.
For more details, please see offer guidance.

[offer period] From Tuesday, May 1, 2018 to Friday, June 15

Offer guidance (PDF: 339KB)
Conduct summary (PDF: 162KB)
Style (Excel: 151KB)

Collection of materials for leaders of Yokohama-shi food education

We publish collection of links and recipe to collect information about food education.
We classify contents in six items to "food education promotion plan of Yokohama-shi in school" and publish each guidepost.
Please inflect widely at school and home!

[as for the downloading from this]
Cover, table of contents (PDF: 504KB)
Power (PDF: 872KB) to choose one meal of importance, health of 2 mind and body, 3 food
4 feelings of thankfulness, 5 social nature, 6 food culture (PDF: 879KB)
Recipe 1 (PDF: 1,415KB)
Recipe 2, station introduction of relationships (PDF: 3,552KB)
Table (PDF: 144KB) according to school year

Please utilize food education promotion logo mark!

We made food education promotion logo to achieve effect of promotion activity of food education still more in Yokohama-shi. This logo mark expresses "close person and figure eating with smile happily". Please utilize logo mark positively to raise interest in food education of citizen's all of you, and to assume opportunity to act.
As I hand data when use of logo mark is hoped for, please contact City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau health business section food education promotion person in charge.
(please refer to information for use of food education promotion logo mark for contact information)

Food education promotion logo mark
Information for use of food education promotion logo mark (PDF: 157KB)

We held the seventh food education promotion national convention!

Food education promotion national convention is national-scale core event to hold for "food education month" of June every year to plan direct understanding promotion to the nation about food education. Country holds this meeting with the cooperation of local public entity, private sector in the second food education promotion basic plan of country every year and is set of planning direct understanding promotion to the nation about food education.

◆Meeting holding summary
(1) Meeting name seventh food education promotion national convention (food education & reconstruction aid Festival Yokohama)
(2) Date Saturday, June 16, 2012 from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 17, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(3) Venue apashifiko Yokohama Tenji-hall D
i hamagin hall via Male
Cormorant wide beach City Honcho elementary school (only on 16th)
epashifiko Yokohama circus (tie-up event)
(4) 44,800 number of the visitors (shoot 36,800 national conventions, tie-up event 8,000)
(5) Pleasure, joy, joy of theme biography eyo "meal"
(6) Sponsorship Cabinet Office, Yokohama-shi, the seventh food education promotion national convention Yokohama-shi executive committee
(7) Main contents
apashifiko Yokohama Tenji-hall D
・Booth exhibition about food education, affected areas revival support booth, special plan booth (Yokohama brand
PR) We performed, mini-stage show, dishes course.
・At special corner in venue, it is do at character show, allied event including playground equipment corner
We held at time.
i hamagin hall via Male
We held opening ceremony, three-man talk, lecture, panel discussion. In addition, in hall
We held healthy check event for visitors.
Cormorant wide beach City Honcho elementary school
Sampling experience of school lunch, display about school lunch
epashifiko Yokohama circus (tie-up event)
In circus of outdoor venue, we held tie-up event to be able to enjoy in families.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries homepage (the outside site)

June is food education month!

Food education of Yokohama
It is food education month every year in June. We introduce approach to carry out for food education month of June.

Approach (PDF: 67KB) with private business person, affiliate

Approach 1 (PDF: 241KB) of Motoichi

Approach 2 (PDF: 115KB) of Motoichi

Approach 3 (child and approach that intended for toward the protector) of Motoichi (PDF: 76KB)

Press release material (PDF: 350KB)

Approach of food education

Meal workshop (already conducted approach) of Yokohama
... Yokohama National University sponsorship Yokohama-shi cosponsorship Yokohama market activation meeting cooperation ...

We carried out course that featured the theme of relations of delicious dishes using vegetables and lowering, sports and meal of fish. As well as cooking training and lecture, we adopt factor of pleasant workshop.
[holding schedule]
October 9, 2010, October 16, October 23, November 6

Flyer (PDF: 262KB)

Approach of city hall

Food education in nursery school

Approach of ward office

"Recommended!healthy recipe of dietician" (Isogo Ward)

We publish recipe that we introduce in various business held in Health and Welfare Center and cook and received practical training in. "What shall we make today?…When we were in trouble with ", please see! Menu of vegetables is full.

※In publication

Please let information publication to approach introduction know by attached sheet style "Yokohama food education Web" "publication application" (approach introduction) (No. 2 style) (Excel: 26KB) to Health and Social Welfare Bureau health business section after having had you confirm "Yokohama food education Web publication point" (PDF: 75KB). [in the address of email [email protected]]

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