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Generation of bearing fruit

Last update date September 9, 2020

By method suitable for oneself, let's maintain health condition.

  • Because drop of body function is seen, and people with illness increase, the aggravation prevention of lifestyle-related diseases becomes more important.
  • It has right knowledge about illness, and, body function, nutrition state, it is important to own state to perform health promotion which there was without unreasonableness.
  • It is important to perform health promotion through participating in social activity including health promotion group activity in area.

We eat plenty of vegetables, salt a bit + in a good balance

Even if it says balance, calory is difficult for calculating every day, and it is the true intention that wants to eat delicious thing.
It is characteristic that nature and nutrition balance are produced as for "the set meal" that rice, main side dish, small dish of reckoning alignment were prepared. When we choose eating out and side dish, let alone time to cook by oneself, let's be conscious. Particularly, we moderate quantity of main side dish which does not choose many dishes of oil with slow dinner at night, and let's warn.
In addition, let's utilize information such as nutrition ingredients displayed by food package well.

Let's fix nutrition balance with "staple food" "main dish" "vice-greens"

Figure of nutrition balance

We will check [meal balance guide (outside site)]

Pay attention to information of food package

We know quantity such as energy and lipid, sodium included in food by nutrition ingredient indication. In addition, there is thing that indication such as "low salt" "○○ a good" "nutrition function food" is done when we meet standard in nutrition ingredient (calcium, iron, vitamin) with standard.

Nutrition ingredient indication example

※Nutrition ingredient indication is carried out for option of company. In addition, there is nutrition ingredient without standard, too.
For more details, please see Consumer Affairs Agency homepage (the outside site).
We maintain "we eat from mouth"

It can have meal as pleasure of life "to eat from mouth" and prevents hypoalimentation state and is connected for the care prevention.

Let's use tongue well!

We use tongue well "to eat from mouth" forever, and it is necessary to maintain the function. A lot of places where function to talk and function to chew are common talk with friend, and there is an effect in singing.
Exercises of mouth are recommended to person, "opportunities to talk about decrease recently and do not readily use tongue". Please see the following homepages.
For more details, [we care from cheerful house and prevent]
It is checked tooth regularly

Periodontal disease does not just cause loss of teeth, and connection with various diseases attracts attention. We receive dental check up regularly, and let's perform self-care of tooth which oneself had well.

Let's have family dentist

It is relief when we find family dentist whom we can feel free to contact as well as treatment in imminent area.
It is ... in ... family dentists
○Let's learn right self-care
Care between plow of tooth and tooth using toothbrushing, toothpick, interdental brush with dental floss, thread
○Let's receive check of periodical mouth, specialized cleaning.
Liquor is appropriate amount

Illness risks such as cancer, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia become big so as to increase if drinking quantity per day increases. When it drinks liquor, it is important to be limited to the quantity of drinking not to raise risk.

How much is appropriate amount of liquor?

With daily mean spirits of wine intake, as for the man, lower than 20 g will be used as an indication of 40 g, woman if we drink liquor.
It is as follows to be equivalent to 20 g of quantities of spirits of wine in main alcoholic beverage.

Appropriate quantities of figure of liquor

We challenge non-smoking

200 or more kinds of toxic substances including nicotine and tar are included in smoke of cigarette and raise various risks to get sick including cancer. In addition, the smoking custom is already disease called "nicotine dependence".

The success rate improves when we have a non-smoking consultation

In non-smoking having been "thing doing its best for self-will", it is talked about past. There are various non-smoking methods such as methods to use medicine and nicotine patch now. When non-smoking by healthcare worker is consulted, there is report that the success rate increases nearly 3 times. How about person who did not get along well having a non-smoking consultation until now?

Employee health insurance is applied to non-smoking treatment with medical institution if we meet all the next standards.

  1. Dependency was diagnosed by screening test about nicotine dependency (five of ten points or more)
  2. Brinkman index (the daily number of cigarettes smoked X smoking number of years) 200 or more
    When we breathe 20 example) 1st for 15 years
    20 X 15 = 300
  3. We want to give up smoking promptly
  4. We agree to be treated by document

As well as non-smoking treatment with medical institution, we talk about free smoking cessation at imminent place with Yokohama-shi non-smoking support drugstore or ward office Health Promotion Section in Yokohama-shi.
For more details, please see [non-smoking NOTE].

We challenge non-smoking

People that it is are for vicious circle that ⇒ ⇒ to walk that going out becomes more and more troublesome that ⇒ legs which are apt to shut themselves up in home with age are perplexed by becomes difficult. Let's go out positively to maintain function to walk forever as well as the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.

Do you not participate in local various activities?

There is group performing various health promotion activities such as walking group or group of exercises voluntarily in area to live. In addition, we perform various events in imminent Neighborhood Association and community care plaza, inhabitant of a ward activity support center.
If there are any own being interested, meetings about expertise, do you not participate for trial once?
Not only, in Yokohama-shi, group participates, but also form group by oneself; help.
[reference] Ward office Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section (reference)
Sleep rests well

Lack of sleep brings fatigue and leads to aggravation such as obesity, high blood pressure. In addition, it takes sleeping hours that the person had enough, and it is important to revive mental and physical fatigue to keep health of mind.

For comfortable sleep

Generally, it is said that they should take sleep for 6-8 hours, but appropriate sleeping hours vary individually. Pawn of sleep rather falls forcibly when going to sleep for a long time. For comfortable sleep, refrain from caffeine intakes after dinner, do stretch and light reading before sleeping, and let's find relaxation method for oneself. It is rather the opposite effect when determined to sleep.
We receive +1 once a year identification medical examination to receive cancer screening regularly

Receiving cancer screening and specific medical examination,

  • It leads to early detection of illness.
  • Of own lifestyle look back.
  • It leads to having family medicine.

40 years or older has opportunity of medical examination

※But person under treatment is excluded at 75 years or older.
There is system that can receive medical examination once a year if we become 40 years old.
We confirm system of medical examination that oneself can receive, and let's inflect effectively.
※ As a general rule, person 39 years or younger is consultation by self-pay. There is no designation of consultation place.

The workplace medical examination

It is law to carry out medical examination for employee once a year, and business owner is set.
Even if it is 39 years or younger, working hours of regular employee or week will confirm person of 3/4 or more part workers of regular employee about medical examination in the workplace.

In now to think that it is healthy, let's receive cancer screening.

It is said that Japanese one of two people suffers from cancer. We are careful about lifestyles such as smoking, the eating habits, exercise and can lower risk of cancer, but cannot zero. Therefore it is cancer screening to be important.
It is cured with high probability by detecting cancer at early stage of stage, and providing appropriate treatment.
Cancer progresses before we notice.
About system of specific health check-up, cancer screening, please see the following.

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