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Generation of the breeding, learning

Last update date August 6, 2018

Improvement of lifestyle since child!
Own body will put power called thing to make by oneself.

  • The child knows action that is good for health, and it is necessary to put optional power.
  • Family having a big influence on lifestyle of child, approach of school are important.
  • It is important "we enjoy, and to be able to perform" the action to continue taking an action that it is good for health even if we become adult.

We eat three meals well

It is essential three meals of 1st, to eat regularly to bring up durable body and heart. Body in particular is lacking in energy in the morning.
Energy supply to temperature rise and brain is insufficient, and, without breakfast, concentration and memory are falling.
One-day start is breakfast; actively! It is important custom to want you to continue even if you become adult.

It is easy in parent and child! Balance breakfast

It is malnutrition with one sweet roll just because of busy morning when we are apt to oversleep in the morning.
Let's be conscious of rough nutrition balance.

Figure of balance breakfast

We chew well and brush our teeth after a meal

For the development of good tooth, oral cavity function, it is important to touch preventing cavity by toothbrushing and custom to chew well.

Do you know getsu mingu 30 (kamingusammaru)?

With "getsu mingu 30", we recommended that we chewed more than 30 times of mouthful.
By chewing well, and eating, become easy to be digested and absorbed as nutrition and secretion of saliva is promoted and protects tooth.
We can enjoy meal using Gokan including taste and resistance to the teeth of material.

We avoid passive smoking

Prevention of passive smoking at home spending every day is particularly important that child has a big influence on health by passive smoking in particular and causes sudden infant death syndrome and respiratory infectious disease, induction of asthmatic attack.

Common misunderstanding of passive smoking

We intend to be careful, but, in fact, may be ineffective. For example,

  • We turn ventilation fan and smoke
    ⇒Toxic substance is left in room.
  • We shut up window and breathe at veranda
    ⇒Toxic substance enters room about clothes.
  • We cannot remove toxic substance of air cleaner ⇒ cigarette.

It is the best that child and living adult give up smoking.
Smoking cessation is excellent childcare participation, too.

We move the body happily every day

It is connected in enjoying exercise, sports through life to acquire exercise custom at the age of child, and improvement of physical strength is planned and is useful for lifestyle-related diseases prevention and the care prevention.
Important thing is that child experiences exercise, sports that I think, "it is fun!".

Mainly on play, let's move the body happily

Point is three!

Not only we develop basic physical strength and athletic capability, but also exercise (play using body) is opportunity to bring up will and social nature, originality.

  1. Let's adopt various exercise (play) so that a variety of movement experiences.
  2. Let's secure time to move the body happily (various physical activities such as school attendance, help).
  3. Let's adopt campaign for development (play) depending on characteristic.

For more details, please see [infant exercise guideline (outside site)].

Early to bed, early rising

Mental and physical growth, development cannot miss sleep. By taking sleep well, life rhythm is regulated well and is connected for recovery of physical strength to enjoy improvement of morning appetite and exercise, sports and has good effect on the whole lifestyle.

At first, let's fix life rhythm by "early rising"

At first, necessary one is "to get up early" not "sleeping early". Biological clock gradually becomes morning person when we remain early riser for around one week.
But biological clock is delayed at a stretch when we oversleep to lunch neighborhood on the weekend, and one-week trouble will warn coming to naught as it is.

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