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Reference materials

Final update date October 12, 2020

About public comment

On plan development, we carried out public comment (citizen opinion offer) to plan draft.

Implementation period

From October 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012

Opinion solicitation method

  1. Mailing
  2. fax
  3. e-mail

Opinion offer result

66 people gave 218 valuable opinions.
Thank you.

Reference materials for planning

(1) Statistics and Surveys

  1. Yokohama-shi statistics portal site
  2. Yokohama City Health Statistics Annual Report
  3. Yokohama City Institute of Health Statistics
  4. Yokohama City School Health Materials
  5. Yokohama-shi elementary school student student physical strength, athletic ability survey (PDF: 1,996KB)
  6. Investigation on Yokohama City Food Education Goals (under preparation)
  7. Public awareness survey on health in Yokohama
  8. Survey of Elderly People in Yokohama
  9. National Health and Nutrition Survey (for Yokohama City) (PDF: 887KB)

(2) Plan

From 2013 (2013) to 34 (2022)

City Plan
[Effort theme 1]
Improvement of lifestyle
Other plans related to
Second Health Yokohama 21
-From infancy to old age
Improvement of lifestyle,
Prevention of Severity in lifestyle-related diseases
[Effort theme 2]
lifestyle-related diseases Prevention of Sever
Other plans related to

State plans

  1. National Health Promotion Campaign in the 21st Century (External Site) (Healthy Japan 21 (Second))

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