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Final update date June 1, 2020

Health promotion information of related organizations and organizations

Health Promotion Information in Yokohama

  • Yokohama food education web
    Food education portal site in Yokohama!
    Aggregate information on food education in Yokohama!
  • Promoting Dentistry Health and Oral Care Promotion
    We guide promotion business of Dentistry Health and Oral Care Promotion Project and useful leaflets are provided.
  • Non-smoking NOTETE
    It is a site full of various information about tobacco, including information useful for those who are thinking about smoking cessation.
  • Yokohama health cheering party
    This site introduces restaurants (Yokohama Health Support Team) that are voluntarily working to support citizens' health promotion in fields such as food and smoking cessation.
  • Preventing nursing care from being healthy
    This site introduces tips on preventive care and businesses related to preventive care.
  • Yokohama-shi Cancer Screening
    This site provides information on Yokohama cancer screening.
  • Specific Health Checkups System
    Information site about Yokohama City National Health Insurance Specific Health Checkups Information
    Detailed information on consultation methods and medical examination details.
  • Yokohama City Plan for Health Yokohama 21

Health Promotion Information in Kanagawa Prefecture

National Health Promotion Information

  • Health Japan 21 (2nd (external site)(Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)
    This site introduces the national health promotion plan "Healthy Japan 21 (second)".
  • Smart life project (external site)(Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)
    Under the slogan "Let's extend healthy life expectancy" in the "Smart Life Project", with the goal of ensuring that all Japanese can live a healthy, fun and healthy life until the end of their lives, exercise, eating habits, and smoking cessation We are calling for specific actions in three fields. This site introduces the contents of the project.


Note) The city shall not be liable for any linked groups and contents that are not under the control of Yokohama City.

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