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Second Health Yokohama 21

Final update date April 1, 2019

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Extend your healthy life expectancy and live your life!
Isn't it what everyone wants to be able to spend their own life forever?
To do so, it is important not only to extend the life expectancy, but also to extend the healthy life expectancy *.
In Yokohama, it will serve as a guideline for health promotion focusing on lifestyle-related diseases, the biggest health issue for citizens.
We have formulated the second phase of the Health Yokohama 21 (2013-2022).
Through the efforts of the 2nd Health Yokohama 21st, enjoy your health while having fun, and aim for a healthy and personal life.

*Healthy life expectancy is a period during which you can live without being restricted by your daily life due to health problems.
arrow iconYokohama City has formulated a specific plan to promote the "2nd Health Yokohama 21" "Yokohama Health Action Stage 2 (2018-2022)". Please see "Yokohama Health Action Stage 2" for details.

arrow iconPlease see "First Health Yokohama 21" for the contents of the first health Yokohama 21 plan.

Let's enjoy health promotion from where you can do it!

Click here for the generations of raising and learning (infant to adolescents).

Click here for the working and child-rearing generation (adult)

If you are an old generation, please click here.

April 20, 2018
We published citizen's health promotion plan "the second health Yokohama 21 middle evaluation report".
November 10, 2017
About citizen's health promotion plan "the second health Yokohama 21 middle evaluation", we raise opinions of citizen's all of you! ※Opinion solicitation has ended.
November 1, 2016
We established "office work handling summary such as Yokohama-shi health promotion law Article 31 Clause 1 related administrative sanctions" (PDF: 555KB).Public notice contents (PDF: 462KB)

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