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Yokohama City Visiting Nurse Human Resource Development Program

Final update date April 6, 2021

◇What is the Visiting Nurse Human Resource Development Program?

Progress of Creation

The number of elderly people in Japan announced in September 2020 was 36.17 million, a record high, and the aging rate was 28.7%, a record high. The number of elderly people in Yokohama City, which has a large-scale population, is also increasing, and it is expected that the rate of increase in the elderly population will greatly exceed the whole country in the future. For this reason, the demand for home-visit nursing, which supports the comprehensive community care system in Yokohama City, is expected to increase rapidly, and human resource development and securing of home-visit nurses is an urgent issue. However, it is difficult to promote the training of visiting nurses only at home-visit nursing stations that have a lot of small-scale management, and it is necessary to work throughout the region, including hospitals and educational institutions.
Against this background, the “Yokohama City New Graduate Visiting Nurse Human Resource Development Program Development Study Group” was launched as a business in Yokohama City from 2017, and the name was changed to the “Yokohama City Visit Nurse Human Resource Development Program Development Study Group”. And proceeded for four years.
In this program, as a common visiting nurse image that Yokohama City aims for, a nursing practice ability evaluation index (Creer Development Program) is set in five stages, and achievement goals are set for the five abilities at each stage.
We hope that visiting nurses will use this career ladder to clarify their own issues and goals.

Features of Yokohama City Visiting Nurse Human Resource Development Program

◎"Five evaluation criteria for new and new graduates, standing alone, single, mid-career, and masters" You can select a stage according to your individual abilities.

◎"Check tables can be selected from two types: detailed version and simple version." You can use them flexibly for each home-visit nursing establishment. 
 Public information handbill (PDF: 443KB)


◇How to use

1 At the bottom of the homepage ◇Check the download data "Home Nurse Human Resource Development Program Usage Procedure" <pages 6 and 7>.
2 ◇We download each document of "visit nurse human resources development program" from download data.
According to the three procedures, the person, the breeder, and the manager will share the process of growing together, and the person will be aware of the current situation and learn the nursing skills necessary for growth.
4 If you want to supplement with nursing skills, you can use the learning support system to participate in training at the Visiting Nurse Learning Support Cooperation Hospital.

Visiting nurses at city offices can take various trainings conducted by visiting nurses learning support cooperating hospitals.

Please see the schedule and consult with the Yokohama Home Nursing Council if you have any training you would like to attend.
After consultation, please send application to Yokohama home nursing care meeting by FAX.
After the Yokohama Home Nursing Council coordinates with the desired training hospital, we will inform you of the availability of the course.
※Currently, acceptance of training has been suspended due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).
We will resume accepting as soon as the future is ready, so please wait for a while.
Consultations regarding the use of this program other than the acceptance of training are accepted as usual, so consultations on utilization are accepted.
Please contact the Yokohama Home Care Council.

<Consultation / Application>
Yokohama home nursing council
Phone 080-6680-1133 mail: [email protected]

※The Visiting Nurses Learning Support Cooperation Hospital is Yokohama Municipal Citizen's Hospital, Yokohama City Apolexy and Spinal Nerves Center, Yokohama City Minato Red Cross Hospital, Yokohama City University Hospital and Yokohama City University Medical Center Hospital.

◇Download data

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