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Medical institution of Yokohama-shi

Last update date June 13, 2019

We introduce medical institution list and medical affiliate and hospital and medical department clinics , dental clinic information that public institutions provide on telephone and the Internet that Yokohama-shi makes.
About Internet site, please use after checking Terms of Use of each site.

We publish medical institution (hospital, general clinics , dental clinic) in the city.

We publish list of current distinction.

We guide Yokohama City Emergency Medical Information Center to introduce emergency clinics and medical institution which we can consult then to on Night-time Emergency Medical Center, holiday when we can have a medical examination at the time of sudden illness of the night or holiday.

We introduce hospital and local central medical care, area core Hospital attached to Yokohama City Univ. and Yokohama City University that Yokohama-shi invites to take policy-like medical care, and private enterprise maintains and runs.

We reply that we treat dementia by "questionnaire about Yokohama-shi dementia medical care" that we carried out in November, 2010 and place information of medical institution which agreed to publication to homepage.
Please can be useful for early detection, early treatment of dementia.

6. Introduction of family medicine

When he/she is looking for hospital and clinics near home and the workplace, in Yokohama-shi Medical Association Yokohama City Local Medical Cooperative Center, we guide the city medical institution which matched condition you like by telephone.
In addition, you want and send information and map information of hospital and clinics to show around by fax more in addition.

Introduction of family medicine
NamePhone numberReception hours
Yokohama-shi Medical Association
Yokohama City Local Medical Cooperative Center
045-201-8712From 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. (from 0:00 p.m. except 1:00 p.m.)

In addition, in this page (link to Yokohama-shi Medical Association homepage) (the outside site), we appoint condition by yourself and can have you search.

7. Hospital in city information (link to association of Yokohama-shi Hospital homepage)

On homepage (the outside site) of association of Yokohama-shi Hospital, we show around information such as member of association of Yokohama-shi Hospital Hospital, clinics and nursing facility.
In addition, we appoint conditions of the location of clinical department and hospital where consultation is hoped for and can look for hospital.

8. Dental clinic information (link to Yokohama-shi dental association) in the city

In homepage "list of dental clinics" of Yokohama-shi dental association (the outside site), we show around dental clinic of member of Yokohama-shi dental association.

9. Medical institution information retrieval site that public institutions establish

It is link to page of medical institution search that public institutions establish.

After checking Terms of Use of each site, please use.

List of medical institution information retrieval sites
Search site nameNames such as public institutions to runItem which we can search
hosupitaru!Association of health insurance union societyInformation of hospitals of the whole country
It becomes link to association of health insurance union society top page.
Search of medical institution, please use "hosupitaru!" in the upper part of top page.
WAM NET (the outside site)Incorporated administrative agency
The welfare medical care mechanism
For medical departments and outpatient department reception hours of each national medical institution, we can read item about the medical system, disease to cope with and treatment.
Kanagawa medical care information retrieval service (the outside site)The Kanagawa health welfare stationFor medical departments and outpatient department reception hours of each medical institution in Kanagawa, we can read item about the medical system, disease to support and treatment.
Medical institution (the outside site) which is available for visit to Japan foreigner tourist acceptance
Search for medical institutions (the outside site)
Japan Tourism AgencyWhen we receive medical care in the case of emergency in Japan, it is useful website.
This is a website to help you receive medical care in Japan.

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