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Specific medical expenses (designated incurable disease ) subsidy program (update procedure)

Last update date June 11, 2020

[important] Announcement about update of identification of medical expenses (designated incurable disease ) recipient authorized in 2020

Based on influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, we became needless about update procedure from purposes such as prevention of infection spread in 2020.
As update procedure is unnecessary, submission of clinical investigation individual vote (for update) becomes needless, too.
(please do not ask family doctor for making of clinical investigation individual vote.)
We extend validity for one year without updating, and going through the procedure about applicable person next.
[validity of identification of recipient now you have]
Until September 30, 2020

[validity of identification of recipient after extension]
Until September 30, 2021

We mail the following news about this matter toward the object from the end of May.
About medical expenses (designated incurable disease ) medical care certificate update procedure specific in 2020 (PDF: 202KB)
Please refer to update-related inquiry dial (TEL: 0570-075-737) if you have any questions.

News from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

About extension for identification of recipient validity concerned with designated incurable disease , children chronicity identification illness on the basis of new coronavirus infectious disease,
Notice is given by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
For more details, please confirm the following homepage. (the outside site) (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage)
[toward the medical institution]
Please download data of poster to print for notices at windows from the following homepage.

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