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Blood donation promotion business

Last update date March 24, 2019

About the blood donation spread enlightenment business

Blood for blood transfusion is secured by domestic blood donation now. We promote blood donation from healthy various places to realize self-support by the country blood donation about blood plasma fraction preparation which assumes blood plasma ingredients raw materials more again to secure safer blood for patient.

I would like cooperation for blood donation

Reception desk place of blood donation

We accept blood donation in the following blood donation rooms in Yokohama-shi.

Yokohama Leaf blood donation room (the outside site)

Yokohama Station East Exit cross port blood donation room (the outside site)

Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi blood donation room (the outside site)

Futamatagawa blood donation room (the outside site)

In addition, please see blood donation bus service schedule (the outside site) as we carry out street blood donation.

Blood donation standard according to blood donation method

Type of blood donation

Whole blood blood donation

Ingredient blood donation

200 ml of blood donation

400 ml of blood donation



Quantity of once drawing blood200 ml400 ml600 ml
(less than 12% of circulation blood volume)
Age16-69 years oldMale 17-69 years old
Woman 18-69 years old
18-69 years oldMale 18-69 years old
Woman 18-54 years old
The weightMore than 45 kg of men
More than 40 kg of women
With man and woman
50 kg or more
More than 45 kg of men
More than 40 kg of women
Drawing blood intervalMore than four weeksMore than male 12 weeks
More than woman 16 weeks
More than two weeksMore than one week
(attention) But after having carried out 4 times in four weeks; by the next time more than four weeks
The annual drawing blood number of timesLess than six times of men
Less than six times of women
Less than three times of men
Less than two times of women
Exchanging one time of platelet ingredient blood donation to 2 batches, is plasma ingredient blood donation and the total; less than 24 times
Quantity of annual total drawing bloodLess than 1,200 ml of men in 200 ml of blood donation and 400 ml of blood donation, woman less than 800 ml


Kanagawa Red Cross blood center (the outside site)

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Telephone: 045-671-2451

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