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Blood Donation Promotion Project

Final update date March 24, 2021

News from Yokohama

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, a blood donation and a bone marrow donor registration will be held at (Wed) on the 7th.

If you are near or plan to visit the agency on the day, please cooperate.
Date and time: April 6, 2021 (Tuesday), 7th (Wed) on the 7th from 10:00 to 16:00 (lunch break from 11:30 to 12:45)
Place: City Hall 1F Atrium City Hall Information
Flyer for publicity (PDF: 2,369KB)

The number of blood donations has decreased and this is a serious situation.

Due to the increase in working hours and remote classes due to the Korona disaster, there are not enough companies and organizations to cooperate in donating blood.
On the other hand, demand for blood products produced by blood donation is still on the rise.
Blood stocks at the Kanagawa Red Cross Blood Center are still below the appropriate inventory.
Thank you for your cooperation in donating 400ml of blood.

Thank you for your cooperation in donating blood.

At present, blood for transfusion is secured by domestic blood donation. We ask for your cooperation in donating blood to ensure safer blood for patients.

blood donation reception

Blood donation is accepted in the following blood donation rooms in Yokohama city.

Yokohama Leaf Blood Donation Room (outside site)

Yokohama Station East Exit Cross Port Blood Donation Room (outside site)

Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi Blood Donation Room (outside site)

Futamatagawa Blood Donation Room (outside site)

In addition, as we carry out street blood donation, please see blood donation bus service schedule (outside site).

Blood donation standards by blood donation method

Type of blood donation

All blood donation

Blood donation

200ml blood donation

400ml blood donation



One-time blood collection200ml400ml600ml
(within 12% of circulation blood volume)
age16-69 years old17-69 years old
18-69 years old
18-69 years old18-69 years old
18-54 years old
WeightMale 45kg or more
Women over 40kg
Both men and women
More than 50kg
Male 45kg or more
Women over 40kg
blood collection interval4 weeks or moreMale 12 weeks or more
More than 16 weeks for women
2 weeks or more1 week or more
(Note) However, after four times in four weeks, four weeks or more before the next time.
Annual blood collectionLess than 6 males
Less than 6 women
Less than 3 men
Within two women
One thrombocytopenia blood donation is converted into two doses, and blood and pepper blood donation is limited to 24 times in total.
Total annual blood collection200ml blood donation and 400ml blood donation are within 1,200ml for men and 800ml for women.

For inquiries

Kanagawa Red Cross Blood Center (outside site)

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