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In Yokohama City, based on the "Yokohama Health and Medical Plan 2018", we are promoting the creation of a medical and health system so that citizens can continue to live healthy and secure in the future. As part of this initiative, we focus on having citizens consider medical care not as "others" but as their own, and set up a "medical perspective" as a new concept of public relations related to medical care. We carry out public information in a different way than before.

Final update date September 16, 2020


Why is Yokohama City trying to get to know about medical care? Explains the background of the project.


In cooperation with Medical Note Co., Ltd., we publish stories covering medical professionals for each disease and theme.


We hold events that make you feel closer to medical care.

Partners Supporting Medical Perspectives

In cooperation with private companies, etc., we are planning a device that is more impressive, easy to convey, and attracts interest. We will continue to enhance our partner companies.


MSD Corporation

Medical Notes Co., Ltd.

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


◆Action "2nd Medical Manga Award" details have been released. 2020.09.16
◆"Thinking about Breast Cancer" action is posted. 2019.02.27
◆The story "Nurse's working field-Challenge, joy, and difficulty as a visiting nurse" has been added. 2019.02.27
◆"Exhibitions to Change Perspectives" Report was held. 2018.12.05
◆The concept page has been updated. 2018.11.15
◆"Exhibitions to Change Perspectives" event information is posted. 2018.11.05
◆A medical perspective project was launched. 2018.10.003

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