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Why is Yokohama City trying to get to know about medical care?

Final update date April 2, 2020

Do you know the 2025 problem that comes to Yokohama?

It is estimated that Yokohama City is aging at the top speed in the country, and that demand for medical care and nursing care will increase rapidly.

For example,…? Future Issues

With the development of a super-aging society, more people need medical care.

What is the population over 75?

More than 1.5 times

Graph of Prospects for Population Over 75

How many people need medical care?

In particular, elderly people over the age of 75 are about 1.9 times more

It is expected to increase about 1.4 times by 2025

How many people need medical care? Figure

※When medical resources (such as the number of beds) remain unchanged

Legend (Citizens under 74 who need medical care)Citizens who need medical care under 74

Citizens who need medical care over the age of 75Citizens who need medical care over the age of 75

Did you know?

The increase in the number of elderly people over the age of 75 means that more people need medical care. In particular, Yokohama is assumed to be more remarkable than other cities.

On the other hand,…This is the current situation.

Except when medical care is actually needed, there are many people who are not interested in medical care, saying, "I'm okay because I'm healthy now," but requests for municipal administration as a whole are always high.

Graph of acknowledgement Graph of the presence or absence of a family doctor, the reason for the absence of a family doctor,

The top five requests for municipal administration

In fact, the role of the hospital may not be known about medical care. Improvement of such "health literacy" is now required nationwide.

Oh? Is this "medical"?

Collaboration of Medical Perspective Projects

Information about medical treatment is not transmitted even if it is transmitted unilaterally.

There, Yokohama City collaborates with private companies and universities to develop an approach to make people aware of the familiar “medical perspective”.

About "Medical Perspective Project"

Illustrations such as Minato Mirai


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