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With cerebro-vascular disease

Last update date March 15, 2019

Approach for cerebro-vascular disease of Yokohama-shi(image: 31KB)

With cerebro-vascular disease

Cerebro-vascular disease is generic name to happen of illness for abnormality happening to cerebral artery.
Cerebro-vascular disease has various types, but it is stroke that is best known.
Stroke is divided into ischemia-related strokes such as cerebral infarction or transient cerebral ischemic attack (TIA) to produce by blood vessel of brain becoming constricted (it blooms today), and occluding and hemorrhagic strokes such as brain (inner) bleeding or subarachnoid hemorrhage that blood vessel of brain is torn and occurs.
It is constitution of simple stroke and illustration of the onset part as follows.

Figure of constitution of stroke
Illustration of stroke onset part

As everyday life after treatment can plan big improvement by giving treatment about stroke appropriately at time when symptom is intense, it becomes important to be treated for emergency care engine with medical care function appropriate immediately after the onset.

Sign of stroke

As when the following symptoms were caused suddenly, there might be stroke,
Please call for the 119th immediately.

To prevent stroke

Following diseases and living environment are in thing which causes to cause stroke include.
As person that there is check in plural items may be reserve army of stroke, please be careful enough.
Stroke cause checkpoint
Then what should I do to prevent stroke?
We will see in turn.

Person with high blood pressure
When high blood pressure continues, blood vessel always comes under big pressure, and vascular wall may cause cerebral infarction from arteriosclerosis with wound. In addition, we create aneurysms to blood vessel and may cause cerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage.
For point of improvement of living, we diet if obese. We reduce salt. There is keeping in mind by exercise to drink liquor giving up smoking in moderation.

Arrhythmic person
The biggest cause of cardioembolic (one type of cerebral infarction) is arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation becomes easy to be caused by arteriosclerosis, cardiomyopathy of high blood pressure, coronary arteries (blood vessel supplying oxygen to heart), but attention is usually necessary as even healthy person smokes too much and drinks liquor and coffee too much, and attack may get up when we got tired. The prevention of cerebral infarction needs anticoagulant called warfarin.

Person with diabetes
When hyperglycosemia state continues, arteriosclerosis is promoted, and arteriosclerosis advances to thin blood vessel in brain and becomes easy to have cerebral infarction. Meal and exercise are points to lower blood sugar level.

Person who likes one of thick taste, fat native potato
It is necessary to have meal which was careful about low salt reduced fat energy control, nutrition balance, dietary fiber.

Person who smokes
It is said that 2-2.5 times is higher-risk than person not to suck in. By smoking, nicotine and tar, carbon monoxide enter the body, and blood vessel of whole body shrinks, and blood pressure goes up and may further invite ischemia of brain.

Person who is underexercised
Blood vessel narrows when we do not always exercise and becomes easy to suffer blood vessel such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis disease. On the contrary, quantity to send of blood increases when we exercise and can remove extra cholesterol.
It keeps simple exercise in mind, and place that it can walk goes without using car, and it is necessary to move body routinely.

Person with many quantities of drinking
We straighten circulation of blood, and drinking that protected proper degree relaxes body, and good action such as promoting appetite is recognized, but it causes obesity, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes when we drink too much more than appropriate amount, and the risk of stroke will increase.

Person who has person who suffered from stroke to family
As many as there is person who suffered from stroke to family, we are at increased risk for suffering from stroke.
It cannot prevent about this, but it is point that knows higher-risk thing.

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