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Do you know right how to use medicine?

Last update date March 4, 2019

Illustration which swallows up medicine

 We usually purchase medicine in drugstore and hospital, clinics . As for the medicine handed at drugstore selling hospital and clinics or outside Parliament prescriptions, how to drink and usage of medicine are written on bag (called yakutai medicine bag) which medicine enters. In addition, he/she may put manual about how to drink detailed medicine together. Please read these explanations well by all means.

Image of medicine bag
Medicine bag

Image of manual of medicine
Manual of medicine

* Pharmacist explains which medicine works for what in detail at drugstore.

 In addition, there is "attached document" by all means when we buy commercial medicine at drugstore. How to drink medicine namely "use" "dose" is listed by all means in that. Let's talk about point not to understand with pharmacist.

Attached document omoteno image
Attached document "table"

Image of the back of the attached document
The attached document "back"

When will medicine drink?

When we take medicine
IndicationHow to drinkExample of medicine
PreprandialWe drink around 30 minutes before we have mealMedicine, digestive medicine of diabetes
Between mealsWe drink around two hours later after having mealChinese medicine
After a mealWe drink around 30 minutes later after having mealMedicine, digestive medicine of diabetes
A given period of time distanceWe drink every ordered time (six hours or eight hours)Medicine for asthma, arrhythmic medicine
It is before going to bedWe drink before sleepingSleeping drugs
Draught of medicineWe drink for high heat or pain only when it is hardAntipyretic analgesic, laxative

How long will medicine drink?

 Quantity of medicine varies according to child or adults by type of medicine. When you drink, you read medicine bag or attached document carefully, and please confirm how long you drink.

 It is to drink for twice because we forgot to drink the prohibited one carelessly. Please leave only this.

May pregnant woman take medicine?

 It will prevent you from usually using medicine as much as possible if we hope for during the pregnancy or the pregnancy. Medicine which you become pregnant and should not take in for second pregnancy trimester and period of lactation for 2-3 months has something like following each.

 However, it is not what we never use. It is to talk about the pregnancy and influence of medicine with doctor, pharmacist well. Let's be careful not to take medicine by self-judgment.

About influence of the pregnancy and medicine
When become pregnant, and take for 2-3 months; medicine with teratogenicity
Anticancer agent, medicine, hormone drug of epilepsy, vitamin A agent, medicine for gout, antibiotics, pain-killer, medicine for diabetes, medicine of Psychiatry, medicine for myocardial infarction
When take for second pregnancy trimester; is medicine with the risk for fetus
Painkilling, antiphlogistic, medicine for insomnia, adrenal cortex steroid
Medicine for epilepsy, medicine for diabetes, antibiotics, medicine for tuberculosis, diuretic, medicine for myocardial infarction, medicine for thyroid gland, a part of the Chinese medicine
Medicine which if we take in period of lactation will be affected to baby
Aperient, oral contraceptive, medicine for insomnia, medicine for thyroid gland, medicine for epilepsy, pain-killer, medicine of Psychiatry, allergic medicine, rheumatic medicine, medicine for asthma, diuretic, vitamin D agent, medicine of high blood pressure, arrhythmia

We drink without giving medicine from seat

 There are a lot of examples to drink without giving medicine from seat (PTP sheet) wrapping medicine in.

 Even if the seat of medicine drinks, there is not the toxicity and is just exhausted with flight without being digested with stomach and the bowels. However, you push medicine out of seat like by all means lower figure, and please drink as there is the risk injuring the esophagus and other mucous membranes at sharp angle of seat.

Photograph of medicine wrapped in PTP sheet
Medicine which is wrapped in PTP sheet

Illustration which is printed out by the back of much PTP sheet
Upper figure is printed on the back of much PTP sheet

We grind tablet and drink and we take out the contents of capsule and drink

 When medicine gradually melts in stomach and melt with the bowels without melting in stomach, we do to coated tablets depending on stability and purpose and do to capsule. When we grind tablet and drink and we take out the contents of capsule and drink, blood concentration rises suddenly and has that thing which originally melts with the bowels melts in stomach and does not work and is dangerous. When you give child who cannot take medicine such as tablet and capsule, please talk with doctor or pharmacist.

Of medicine when grind, and take out the contents, and drink; illustration of danger

We drink bougie

 Bougies such as antifebrile or antibiotics increased by technological change of recent preparation, too. However, let's be careful as bougie is never medicine. At first, packing nominates, and please insert in buttocks from pointed person.

 When there are instructions of half quantity, you cut with clean retractable knife diagonally, and please use. Please insert some tip that you cut in buttocks after softening.

Illustration of right how to use bougie

Illustration to cut with clean cutter diagonally when half quantity uses bougie

 As there is worry to melt when bougie keeps in warm room, there is thing to keep with refrigerator, but ask pharmacist about detailed storage method depending on type of bougie as you are different in temperature of storage.

- Reference book -

Knowledge (the Shinnihon law) of plain medicine

 It is to be told by the old days, but there is "you drink, and put together" so that there is "mixture" when we eat when we take medicine. Here, we introduce, "you drink, and put together" that it is basic glub-glub.

Medicine and grapefruit (containing juice) of high blood pressure

Medicine and grapefruit (containing juice) of high blood pressure are illustrations of prohibition

 Medicine becomes hard to be dismantled when we take with grapefruit (containing juice) with medicine for some high blood pressure (calcium antagonist), and density of medicine in blood becomes higher. As a result, please do not eat grapefruit as side effect such as drift and headache comes out, and medicine may work too much. You can eat orange and lemon.

 As we eat citrus fruits, and there is thing that it is no good to be good, please consult with doctor, pharmacist about detailed thing.

Antibiotics and milk

It is illustration of prohibition to take antibiotic with milk

 It is not absorbed in response to calcium and iron of milk when we drink milk with antibiotics (tetracycline system) and antimicrobial (quinolone nu), and effect gets worse. When we take medicine, let's drink with water.

Warfarin and natto

Natto is illustration of prohibition during warfarin remedy

 By suppressing function of vitamin K (we activate blood clotting factor), warfarin interferes with hardening in blood, and clot prevents that it is possible. As Bacillus natto included in natto forms vitamin K in the bowels, effect of warfarin is weakened when we eat natto. Please do not eat natto during warfarin remedy. As a lot of vitamin K is included in green soup or spinach other than natto, let's warn a large quantity of intakes.

Medicine and cheese, wine, cod roe of nasal inflammation

Cheese, wine, cod roe are illustrations of prohibition during remedy with medicine for nasal inflammation

 (phenylpropanolamine) included in medicine for nasal inflammation acts on sympathetic nerve well and is medicine letting blood vessel shrink. As tyramine included in cheese, wine, cod roe is able to excite sympathetic nerve equally, action of phenylpropanolamine is reinforced when we take in these food, and blood pressure rises and is in danger of cerebral infarction, face high tides. In addition, the resolution of tyramine is disturbed, and action of tyramine reinforces when we eat cheese, wine with much tyramine during antidepressant (MAO-I) remedy and blood pressure rises and is dangerous.

Supplement and antiepileptic drug, cardiotonic, immunosuppressant, oral contraceptive, antiHIV medicine

Illustration that supplement and antiepileptic drug, cardiotonic, immunosuppressant, oral contraceptive, antiHIV medicine are put under ban of combination

 There is thing that attention is necessary for combination with pharmaceutical products to supplement which we think about health and take. Let's be careful about supplements which Saint Jones Wirt (Western St. John's wort) is included in enough.

 In this way, depending on medicine and food, there is "you drink, and put together". In taking medicine, please obey instruction of doctor and pharmacist.


Detailed information about how to drink medicine

Consultation about medicine is Japanese pharmacist party
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