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About name and classification of health food, indication charge account

Last update date March 4, 2019

 With thing meeting constant requirements among so-called health food, specific system to admit that we display is enforced as "health function food" from April 1, 2001.
 It is from two categories of "food for specified health use" which health function food has grounds toward the food hygiene law and Health Promotion Act and the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare displays according to figure 3 individually and admits and "nutrition function food" which we can display without receiving permission individually if we meet standard standard.

Name and classification of figure 3 health food
Pharmaceutical products (including unregulated drug)Insurance function foodGeneral food
(including so-called health food)
Food for specified health use
(individual permission type)
Nutrition function food
(standard standard type)

About food for specified health use (tokuho)

 Food for specified health use was food which displayed that we could expect purpose of the health concerned by the intake for person who took in for the purpose of specific health in the eating habits and, as thing which must receive permission of the Minister of Health and Welfare based on nutrition improvement method Article 12 Paragraph 1, started from September 1, 1991.
 Permission mark of figure 2 is made on food for specified health use. In addition, about contents of indication permission, indication of contributing to use of maintenance increase of health based on scientific grounds and specific health is recognized, but, as for the expression to be related to pharmaceutical products and diagnosis, treatment, the prevention of misunderstood illness, is not admitted.
 As of May 30, 2005, food that food admitting indication of food for specified health use approves 509 products, indication is 2 products.

Food for specified health use with condition

 From February, 2005, it does not touch level of scientific grounds to be required in the case of permission of current food for specified health use among foods for specified health use, but the constant effectiveness will be allowed as conditional food for specified health use about confirmed food. Mark of figure 4 established newly is made on these food.

Figure 4 conditioning food for specified health use list

Illustration of good meal plus health food of balance

 Of "meal on the basis of staple food, main dish, vice-greens as for the eating habits impose duty of no indication with balance."
(the February 1, 2005 enforcement)

 In the health function food (food for specified health use and nutrition function food), the indication mentioned above will be required on the front of containers and packaging to correct tendency to expect in "health food" excessively, and to plan the spread of eating habits enlightenment that we got of balance.
 Let's use health food well every day while maintaining the good eating habits of balance.


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