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No approval unlicensed drug which lies hidden in health food market

Last update date March 4, 2019

What is no approval unlicensed drug lying hidden in health food market?

 We came to be able to purchase so-called health food in the Internet and drugstore easily recently. We do not know what the number, a lot of types may buy. In such a health food, harmful thing, dog, thing which declared exaggerated effect, thing different from contents indication are lost and may often wake up trouble.

 For example, that work for "cancer" and "high blood pressure" though is not pharmaceutical products; is not much different from pharmaceutical products; put an advertisement, and advocate saying "get thinner", and pharmaceutical products such as mild cathartic or anorexigenic agent may be added (cf. table). These products are no approval unlicensed drugs, and it becomes violation of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law to have production and sales of these. By inspection that we went to so far in this office, "Senna alexandrina" and "ephedrine" "fenfluramine" was detected by diet food of number specimen. About "Senna alexandrina", is detected in particular; is frequent. For more details, please see "health hazard series".
 In addition, we become tablet and encapsulate, and let's be careful as seemingly there is thing becoming like medicine.
Troubles of do-it-yourself importing on the Internet increase. Even if any trouble happens, in the case of do-it-yourself importing, it becomes personal responsibility, and please warn as you must cope by yourself. As pharmaceutical products ingredient (ephedrine) contained to product sold as supplement abroad, there is example that serious health hazard including the death occurred abroad. Let's avoid easy do-it-yourself importing.

Pharmaceutical products and chemical substance are added examples from table health food
Product examplePharmaceutical products which were added and
Type of chemical substance
Health food which published thin figure effectSenna alexandrina Phenolphthalein Furosemide
Fenfluramine mazindol
N-nitroso fenfluramine Sibutramine
Ephedrine drying thyroid gland 
Food, miscellaneous goods which published strong spirit effectMale hormone medicine
Sildenafil (Viagra)
Cosmetics which published fair skin effectMercurial steroid medicine

※Explanation is given when we click each material name.

 There is not the back no from health hazard with no approval unlicensed drug since much damage appeared one after another in health food for diet made in China in July, 2002. There were health hazards such as pat bare (diet food) and ant power God, the third flight treasure (food for vigor) recently.
 It is difficult to judge whether or remedy is secure to use, but it is important that health hazard checks brand name of health food which got up before buying. About list of brand names that health hazard happened, please see homepages of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. In addition, let's cancel remedy or use immediately if we try, and accident happens to body even a little.

In various places one that became terrible

Two in various places san which became terrible


Information about health hazards such as no approval unlicensed drug or health food
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage

The Tokyo welfare health station health security room health security section homepage

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