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Chemical substance color color that was added in so-called health food

Last update date March 4, 2019

Mild cathartic. Chief ingredient is sennoside A B. There is Rhubarb (Rhubarb) to crude drug including the same ingredient. We drink Senna alexandrina-containing healthy tea, and there are health hazards such as "abdominal pain" that "diarrhea does not stop". We avoid remedy during pregnancy.

It has been ever used as mild cathartic, but carcinogenicity becomes clear and is unusable. It is alkaline and is used as PH indicator indicating red now.

Diuretic drug. It is used as pharmaceutical products. It is attention in the weight decreasing temporarily, but balance of electrolyte collapsing as internal moisture is exhausted in a short time. There is side effect of hyperglycosemia, too.

Anorexigenic agent. Psychotropic drug. It is pharmaceutical products of no approval in Japan. Material which we contained highly-concentrated to middle domestic production diet food.

Material which added - NO (nitroso group) to fenfluramine. It is said that we have liver damage. It is used for the purpose of appetite restraint, but, as well as fenfluramine, is not pharmaceutical products.

Anorexigenic agent. Psychotropic drug. It is pharmaceutical products (Sanorex) approved in Japan, but obey instructions of doctor about remedy method.

Adiposity therapeutic drug. It is pharmaceutical products of nonrecognition in Japan, but "hydrochloric acid sibutramine hydrate" is approved in United States, U.K., Germany and is sold in brand names called "meridia" or "ridakutiru".
Heartbeat and blood pressure rise when we use together with MAO (monoamine oxidase) inhibitor (antidepressant) and may have extremely serious healthy disorder. Diet food containing sibutramine has been sold on the Internet in not only foreign countries but also Japan, and it is thought that is more likely to be sold now. We avoid use of sibutramine in the situation without appropriate instructions such as doctors.

Stimulant raw materials (density 10% or more of things). Chief ingredient of crude drug Ephedra (Ephedra). Pharmaceutical products have "hydrochloric acid ephedrine" and are used as antitussive, bronchodilator.
Because side effect includes temperature rise, inappetence, sweat, it is thought that it is used for diet food. If it is written "Ma-Huang" for ingredient indication of supplement, large nanode is to watch out ephedrine-containing possibility.

Stations pharmaceutical products dried, and they powderized cow, pork, thyroid gland of sheep. We show the thyroid hormone (thyroxine) action such as basal metabolism sthenia, weight loss. We are abused as "diet pill" from around 1965. Side effect like hyperthyroidism such as heart acceleration, hepatic dysfunction, amenorrhea, mental imbalance appears when we take in the thyroid hormone excessively.


Hypoglycemic drug. Other than glibenclamide, we include tolbutamide, acetohexamide. Because these hypoglycemic drugs have frame of sulfonyl urea (Sulfonyl Urea) toward structure, it is called SU agent. There was example that was added in health food for strong spirit, vigor recently for some reason while health hazard example in so-called health food which professed itself to be blood sugar descent action was reported. In this health food, quantity of dozens of times of quantity of efficacy was included.

Naturally occurring male hormone is testosterone. It is dismantled in liver even if administered orally. As methyltestosterone of synthetic male hormone is pharmaceutical product which can be administered orally, we are added in health food for strong invigorating.

Citric acid sildenafil of pharmaceutical products is used as erectile dysfunction therapeutic drug in the country. In health food (capsule, lock, drink) for middle domestic production strong invigorating, we may be included high density sildenafil. Homosildenafil, hondenafiru, vardenafil, Tadalafil resembling sildenafil in structure are detected recently. Headache, hot flashes, visual impairment are reported in side effect. As blood pressure descends excessively when we use together with nitric acid agent of sildenafil and anginal therapeutic drug, nitric oxide grant agent (nitroglycerine) and may have cardiac arrest, it is to watch out.

We profess ourselves to be erection effect, and lidocaine often enters cream and spray. Lidocaine is used as antiarrhythmic other than local anesthetic (the surface anesthesia).

Inorganic mercury compound may be added in middle domestic production cosmetics which professed themselves to be whitening. Inorganic mercury compound is strong in acridity, and contact-related dermatitis may be caused. In addition, it is said that we have ulcerative gastroenteritis, nephritis by intake.

With the steroid medicine here, betamethasone, cortisone point at adrenal cortical hormone medicine. We are used for medicine for internal use, medicine for external application for the purpose of suppressing inflammation. Because we are used for treatment such as atopic dermatitis, it may be contained in fair skin cream made in foreign countries. It is very good medicine, but side effect strongly appears when we use use by own way by mistake, and, as for the steroid medicine, it may be health hazard if we use appropriately.

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