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Diet food and "dry thyroid gland" (the thyroid hormone)

Last update date July 26, 2019

 Many health hazards including the death example appeared one after another in health food for diet made in China in July, 2002, and media greatly reported, too. However, diet food which health hazard produces is sold, and there is thing which thyroid gland end (the thyroid hormone) is added in in example of serious health hazard afterwards.
 It is called "dry thyroid gland" (the thyroid hormone) with pharmaceutical products and we remove fat from cow, pork, thyroid gland of sheep and dry and powderized, and use for treatment such as hypothyroidism. Dry thyroid gland is abused as diet pill from the old days from around 1965. There are many side effects such as symptom and hepatic dysfunction, amenorrhea, mental disorder like hyperthyroidism such as heart acceleration, sweat and appears when we take in the thyroid hormone excessively.

Diet food which photograph 1 thyroid gland end mixed

 Laboratory procedure of dry thyroid gland extracts the thyroid hormone from all over the diet food and analyzes thyroxine and 3,5,3'-triiodo thyronine which are the thyroid hormone using liquid chromatograph - mass spectrometer (LC-MS). Furthermore, it is specific and confirms yes or no of seen follicle cell in thyroid gland under the microscope (photograph 2, 3). For this confirmation, it embeds specimen and fixes organization to prepared slide and performs by histologic laboratory procedure to dye. In addition, positive control used stations drying thyroid gland.

Follicle cell (X 400) of photograph two stations drying thyroid gland

Follicle cell (X 200) of photograph 3 specimen

 We can purchase most of diet food that such a health hazard is given on the Internet easily. In addition, example comparing notes of real effect is seen about health food for various kinds of diet on the Internet bulletin boards among people interested in diet and seems to investigate diet effect though there is health hazard. We add pharmaceutical products such as anorexigenic agent, mild cathartic, diuretic in food other than the end of the thyroid gland to keep effect as tendency to recent violation more and we often add several kinds not one piece of article and are seen. These may be in violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law as no approval unlicensed drug depending on sales system.

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