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Health food and sildenafil (so-called Viagra) for vigor

Last update date July 29, 2019

 The Internet sale is the center, and similar product is sold to health food for vigor of no approval unlicensed drug while it becomes problem that "dangerous drug" is sold mainly on the Internet though health hazard appears. Pharmaceutical products mixed in health food for vigor are male hormone (methyltestosterone) yohimbine, local anesthetics (lidocaine) mainly and include sildenafil recently.
 Sildenafil is material with pharmacologic action similar to sildenafil (so-called Viagra). We originally use approved thing as sexual dysfunction therapeutic drug for man with sildenafil citrate (Viagra) as pharmaceutical products first. In addition, it is said to be PDE5 inhibitor as we inhibit phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) which is enzyme which pharmacologic action breaks down cyclic GMP into. This PDE5 inhibitor is researched and developed in sequence, and hydrate (Levitra), Tadalafil (Cialis) of vardenafil hydrochloride are approved as pharmaceutical products. Health food (tablet, capsule, drink) for vigor that sildenafil was mixed with is found in succession and becomes problem recently.
 After inspecting health food for vigor in this office, there was example that 20 mg (for one tablet of Cialis) or more Tadalafil was detected in 1 capsule (cf. photograph).

Photograph of an example of health food for vigor that Tadalafil got mixed with

 This specimen was sold on the Internet, and there was report that was detected each in Tokyo and Saga. As 1 specimen of those had importer of drugs in Yokohama-shi, we gave an order for collections of products for this supplier in medical safe section. In addition, products which chemical structure was similar to sildenafil, vardenafil, Tadalafil as new problem and material with strong effect was mixed with increased (structural formula of each material refers to figure). As it is not investigated safety and the toxicity as these materials are not pharmaceutical products, attention is necessary.
 We confirm with liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (LC/MS) mainly, and analysis of sildenafil assays. However, structure of the material must be decided as analysis of sildenafil and material with similar structure which we described earlier does not have authentic sample. We are not worthy of structure decision in information only for MS spectrum, and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrum, gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC/MS), infrared absorption (IR) spectrum and ultimate analysis are necessary, too and cost with time.
 It is reported that side effect of sildenafil includes headache, hot flashes, visual impairment. Blood pressure descends excessively when we use nitric acid agent of anginal therapeutic drug or nitric oxide grant agent (nitroglycerine) together with sildenafil and may have cardiac arrest, and the death example appears, too. When we use nitric acid agent in angina, we prevent us from taking Viagra, and let's avoid abuse of health food for vigor even if it is not angina. In addition, it is important for specialist by all means to have a medical examination before taking when we want to take Viagra.

Structural formula of sildenafil detected by health food for vigor

Structural formula of domestic and foreign approved sildenafil released in 81 countries including Japan as of July, 2000

Hydroxy homogenized sildenafil of nonrecognition and structural formula of hondenafiru another name asechirudenafiru

Structural formula of domestic and foreign approved vardenafil released in 73 countries including Japan as of April, 2004

Structural formula of pseudovardenafil of nonrecognition

Only in the foreign territory, it is structural formula of udenafiru of approval

Structural formula of nitorodenafiru of nonrecognition

As of November, 2003, only in the foreign territory released in about 50 countries, it is structural formula of Tadalafil of approval

Amino Tadalafil of nonrecognition and structural formula of kisantoantorafiru

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