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Healthy tea and "Senna alexandrina"

Last update date July 26, 2019

 In late years people interested in diet from health-oriented surges and people with high thin figure desire increase. However, impossible dieting and diet by exercise are often difficult and do not seem to last long. The mail order and health food section of women's magazine is filled with health food which advocated that it is easily got sterile without overdoing it,

Photograph of an example of healthy tea for diet with figure 1 "Senna alexandrina"

"Healthy tea", product sold in forms of tea bags such as "genhicha" stands out. In addition, there are a lot of products sold in forms of capsule and tablet. However, it is mistake to expect dramatic effect to food which is not pharmaceutical products, and it is pointed out that it is hype that "we just drink, and is got thinner". In such a health tea, there is product which "Senna alexandrina" of mild cathartic added pharmaceutical products such as "fenfluramine" of anorexigenic agent in to keep effect, and these are done with nonrecognition pharmaceutical products, and Pharmaceutical Affairs Law violation is actually subject (figure 1).

 "Senna alexandrina" treated as pharmaceutical products points at chinneberisenna or small leaf of plant called Alexandria Senna alexandrina, and stem is treated as food. If only stem of Senna alexandrina is ready tea, we do not have any problem in Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. However, there is often case which "Senna alexandrina" (leaf of Senna alexandrina) enters when we see the contents of tea bag while displaying with "Senna alexandrina stalk tea". "Malva verticillata (blue in winter) tea" from Korea and the contents of tea bag displaying which we purchased on the Internet again,

Micrograph of "Senna alexandrina" added in figure 2 health tea

It has been all "Senna alexandrina". In this case it becomes violation of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.
 We check inspection of "Senna alexandrina" of healthy tea whether, at first, sennoside (ingredient of Senna alexandrina) enters and analyze quantity of sennoside with apparatus called liquid chromatograph if we enter. At the same time, we confirm whether there is leaf of Senna alexandrina with microscope. "Senna alexandrina" is characteristic, and bristle such as sashimi grows only in the backside of leaf (figure 2). We were able to easily find "Senna alexandrina" before, but things which could enter tea by skillful trick not to be able to confirm of "Senna alexandrina" increased recently.
 Health hazard or complaint by health food increased to Health and Social Welfare Bureau medical care security section and Health and Welfare Center since many health hazards appeared one after another in health food for diet made in China in July, 2002.
 When we injure health in health food, we do not have a meaning. "Nice Buddy" is theme of eternity, though. We inspect every day while thinking whether health food for such a vicious diet does not completely disappear.

Illustration which we found leaf of Senna alexandrina

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