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efedora (Ephedra)

Last update date July 26, 2019

 efedora (Ephedra) is also known as "Ephedra" with medicine of herb system. According to the Japanese Pharmacopoeia commentary book, thing which dried terrestrial stems such as China Ephedra (Ephedra. Sinica) of the Ephedra genus of Ephedra department (Ephedraceae), eye Ephedra (Ephedra. Intermedia), Kidachi Ephedra (Ephedra. Equisetina) is considered to be crude drug "Ephedra" (Ephedra Harb). We write the middle name of the country as "Ephedra" in kanji and are transliterated with (ma huang). We write the Japanese name as "Ephedra" in kanji.
 "Ephedra" as crude drug is used as antitussive effect expectorant and enters Maoto (maotou), cold medicine of Chinese medicine including Kakkonto (father who does not come). As for the chief ingredient of "Ephedra", pseudoephedrine, methylephedrine are included in others with ephedrine.

Photograph of efedora-containing health food made in the United States

 In Japan, we cannot use ephedrine of "Ephedra" and the chief ingredient other than the pharmaceutical products, but use content is regulated in the United States, but we can use for health food and are used for many weight-watchers. Advertising of efedora is frequent and, in Japan, can actually purchase efedora easily when we open diet and health food-related site on the Internet. It is not touched those homepages about the risk of efedora at all.

 The bronchus is expanded when we take ephedrine with sympathetic nerve agent, and blood pressure rises. "Hydrochloric acid ephedrine" of pharmaceutical products is used as bronchodilator, antitussive, vasopressor at the time of asthma. Other action includes inappetence, heart rate increase, temperature rise, sweat, and it is thought that supplier fixes on these action and used efedora to diet food. In addition, not only about diet, another ephedrine is dangerous; provide. That is hallucination action. By the psychotropic drug control method, ephedrine having 10% or more of density is treated as stimulant raw materials. It is 10% or less, but thing which ephedrine enters is in cold medicine of over-the-counter drug. efedora (Ephedra) is important medicine with old history with Chinese Chinese medicine. However, efedora thinks that it is circulated to be very scared by usage as ill therapeutic drug.

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