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Heat stroke information

Last update date August 11, 2020

We are careful about heat stroke!

  • The number of the conveyance until from May 1, 2020 to August 6 (we use Fire Bureau data) was 288 people (24 May, June 96, July 87, August 81) in total. After the end of the rainy season, the highest temperature increases the number of the conveyance in 30 degrees Celsius or more day after day from August. On August 5, the highest temperature was high with 33.4 degrees Celsius, and there was much number of the conveyance with 24 people, too.
  • Heat stroke occurs from around May before setting-in of the rainy season and tends to occur frequently when hot day continues. Under the environment such as temperature being high, function of temperature control does not act well and has as heat stays in the body.
  • From August 7, it becomes intense heat such as "heat stroke caution alert" being announced. We take moisture diligently and avoid going out if possible and use air conditioner appropriately, and let's protect the body from heat.
  • In addition, infection of new coronavirus infectious disease spreads. We practice "new lifestyle", and, with the infectious disease prevention, let's keep in mind for the heat stroke prevention (when we are separated from people 2m or more outdoors, we take off mask) more than before.
  • It was in its 80s, and 54 people (18.8%) were in their 70s next, and it was 50 (17.4%) that had much age separately.
  • In 62.8% of outdoors, indoor 37.2%, outdoor outbreak increases.
  • It was 56.9% of slight illnesses, medium grade symptom 39.2%, serious case 3.1%, serious 0.7%. Seriously ill ratio of elderly person (65 years or older) rises, and tendency of aggravation can hear that it becomes old.

Point of heat stroke preventive action in "new lifestyle"

○ It might become at increased risk of heat stroke when we wear mask while temperature, humidity of the summer is high.
Therefore, we will take off mask in consideration of risk of heat stroke when we can secure enough distance (at least 2m or more) with people outdoors.

○ When we wear mask, we avoid work and campaign for strong load and will keep hydration in mind diligently even if not thirsty. In addition, it is necessary we take off mask appropriately at place to be able to take distance with neighboring people enough, and to take a break.

○ It is necessary to secure ventilation by ventilation fan and window opening even in air conditioner to prevent new coronavirus infectious disease.
In this case as indoor temperature rises, let's coordinate temperature setting of air-conditioner for the heat stroke prevention diligently.

○ The everyday temperature measurement, healthy check are effective as well as new coronavirus infectious disease in preventing heat stroke.
When we felt that we are ill-conditioned, we will take a rest at home without overdoing it.

○ We will do elderly person, child, watch, calling to person with a disability that are easy to suffer from heat stroke while avoiding 3 dense (crowd, closeness, sealing).

Heat stroke information (the latest issue)

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Heat stroke leaflet

It is enlightenment material which we made based on data of last season

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Heat stroke information (list)

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September 8 (PDF: 309KB)September 16 (PDF: 247KB)October 7 (PDF: 302KB)

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