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Collection of health statistics data

Last update date October 16, 2020

Data of Yokohama-shi or the information provides provided link about the basics information that are used well when we process provided health index and statistical data from existing statistical data mainly.

  • Yokohama-shi vital statistics material (1998 ...)
    We extracted vital statistics information placed in "Yokohama-shi health statistics annual report" (former: Yokohama-shi hygiene annual report statistics, information edition) that City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau issued every year.
  • 2015 national census Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau (the outside site)
    National census is statistics investigation of all people and country for household living in our country performed once in five years.
  • Patient investigation
    We investigate the sickness and wound situation about a particular day (about discharged patients one month) and, about patient using hospital, clinics , estimate the number of patients or prevalence rate. National result "Patient investigation (the outside site)It is released in (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage).
    In addition, data of Yokohama-shi are not published.
    ・ Total number of patients (patient Address place) Kanagawa (1996 ...) (Excel: 257KB)
    "Total number of patients (patient Address place), sex age-grade X sickness and wound subdivisions (in 1996, we classify during sickness and wound about 11 years) X metropolis and districts" (that was estimated than patient investigatione-stat (the outside site)We could obtain and extracted data of Kanagawa from) from this.
    ※The total number of patients: As of investigation day, we estimated person (including person who is not doing ju* on investigation day) who received medical care continuously
  • The people's life basics investigation
    We investigate basic matter of life of the nation for each household which we randomly selected and add up health, medical care, the welfare, pension , income. We carry out large-scale investigation every three years as the early years in 1986 and carry out investigation that is small in each middle year. National result "The people's life basics investigation (the outside site)We can know in (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage).
    In large-scale investigation, we can know the sickness and wound situation of the nation. The latest large-scale investigation was carried out in 2010.
    ・ Subjective symptoms (number of the total sickness and wounds/multiple answers allowed) Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi (1998 ...) of sickness and wound (Excel: 42KB)
    "Number of the sickness and wounds, sei, age (for three wards rank), sickness and wound (multiple answers), metropolis and districts -18 big cities (update)" added up by the people's life basics investigation (large-scale investigation) (e-stat (the outside site)We could obtain and extracted Kanagawa, data of Yokohama-shi from) from this.

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