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Last update date August 25, 2020

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 Yokohama-shi infectious disease information centerHealth informationFood hygiene informationLiving environment hygiene informationPharmaceutical information
Temporary informationInfluenza    
Infectious gastroenteritis    
Yokohama-shi infectious disease temporariness information    
Product for citizensLet's be careful about infectious diseaseLifestyle-related diseasesTerm explanation in food additiveInformation about waterDo you know right how to use medicine?
eiken Q&ATopic (alcohol, cigarette, heat stroke) about health informationInspection of genetically-modified foodInformation about indoor environmentWhat is health food?
Healthy crisis management information (new influenza) Inspection of food containing allergic materialInformation about pestWhat is no approval unlicensed drug?
Collection of English letter abbreviations Common complaint casebookInformation about household goodsDANGER it is danger drug
  Consultation counter about food hygieneConsultation counter about living environment hygieneHealth hazard series
    Topic about pharmaceutical affair
Company, expertInformation according to diseaseSuicide measures   
Collection of English letter abbreviationsYokohama-shi vital statistics material   
 Collection of health statistics data   
 Inflection of health statistical data   
Product for healthcare workersWith infectious disease development pulse-taking    
Guide (report standard, report style) of infectious disease report    
The infectious disease development situation
・[monthly report] all quantity (3-5 kinds of infectious diseases)
・[weekly bulletin, monthly report] fixed point (five kinds of infectious diseases)
・[annual report] infectious disease development pulse-taking business summary
・We report infectious disease development pulse-taking Committee [once a month]
Information according to disease    
Collection of English letter abbreviations    
[electronic application] Infectious disease development pulse-taking report (product for five kinds of fixed point medical institutions)
Pediatrics fixed point (weekly bulletin) (the outside site)
Influenza fixed point (weekly bulletin) (the outside site)
Ophthalmology fixed point (weekly bulletin) (the outside site)
Sexually transmitted disease fixed point (monthly report) (the outside site)
Electronic brochureBrochure about infectious diseaseBrochure about health informationFood safety Yokohama WEB - food hygiene flyer brochure ...Brochure about living environment hygiene information 
Let's be careful about infectious disease    
Inspection informationInspection information monthly report (once a month)Inspection information monthly report (once a month)Inspection information monthly report (once a month)Inspection information monthly report (once a month)Inspection information monthly report (once a month)
West Nile virus test results such as mosquito, crow in Yokohama-shi    

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Telephone: 045-370-9237

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