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Last update date July 9, 2020

 Yokohama City Apolexy and Spinal Nerves Center provides specialized treatment at altitude for neurologic diseases such as cerebro-vascular disease, Parkinson's disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) mainly on stroke, the backbone spinal cord disease including scolioses from school age to adulthood, knee joint disease including degenerative gonarthrosis that is common in elderly people.

 Most of cerebro-vascular diseases develop suddenly, and it is necessary to cure quickly. Comprise specialized medical equipment including MRI (3.0T) and CT in our center, and fix the system which can treat 24 hours a day, every day, such as thromboclasis therapy and clot collection therapy advanced; treat, of cerebro-vascular disease medical care in Yokohama-shi central; play a role. In addition, we received authorization of "primary stroke center" from the Japan Stroke Society in September, 2019.

 The backbone spinal cord disease results in symptoms such as numbness of walk disorder, low back pain, stiff shoulder, hands and feet. We make full use of medical equipment such as radiographic device "sterEOS imaging system" and MRI, EMG, and the cause of accurate diagnosis by specialized doctor provides appropriate treatment.
 By knee joint disease, we carry out most suitable conservative therapy and operation with precise diagnosis and it functions and rebuilds. In addition, we introduce navigation system and install artificial joint exactly and carry out operation safely.
 We establish bioclean room to minimize infection risk in operating room.

 Furthermore, for cerebro-vascular disease and exercise device disease, we locate the staff making a specialty of performing rehabilitation ward and rehabilitation medical care for convalescence a lot and provide rehabilitation in state of conduct and patient of rehabilitation soon after the hospitalization 365 days in total and support early at-home return.

 We receive request from community medicine engine to utilize specialized medical function at such an altitude, and to contribute to improvement of local medical care standard and perform conduct of inspection using specialized medical equipment or workshop, exchange of opinions and promote cooperation with local medical institution and work on the prevention of stroke with brain docks and early detection positively.

 We do "we aim at high specialized medical care with relief, security, faithfulness that we can understand" with idea of our center, and the staff will work together from all patients saying it "was good to come to this hospital" so that it is pleased.

Mayor of Yokohama City Apolexy and Spinal Nerves Center hospital
Satoru Saito line (we go with Saito)

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Telephone: 045-753-2500 (main)

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