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It recruits the medical technology staff (pharmacist) working at Yokohama City 2 hospital. ※We announced the last pass.

In City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters, we carry out adoption selection targeting at people that duty is hoped for in Yokohama City Univ. Hospital. For details, please see examination guidance.

Last update date June 30, 2020

1.Is going to adopt the offer type of job; the staff and eligibility requirements for an examination

Is going to adopt the offer type of job; the staff and eligibility requirements for an examination
The offer type of jobIs going to adopt; the staffEligibility requirements for an examination
Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters
A few namePerson having license of pharmacist in people (person born after April 2, 1961) under 60 as of April 1, 2021 or person that qualification has a possibility by the end of 2021

※Work location is limited to Yokohama Municipal Citizen's Hospital or Yokohama City Apolexy and Spinal Nerves Center. (we cannot choose work location.)

2.We announce schedule of selection and pass

We announce schedule of selection and pass
 SchedulePassing announcement and announcement method
The first selection

The afternoon of Saturday, April 4, 2020
・Article 90 minutes

※ We appoint the details of the meeting time, place (the Yokohama city) with admission ticket to an examination.

Monday, April 20, 2020 14:00
We publish examinee's seat number of passer on the homepage of City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters.
In addition, we notify passer even of document.

The second selection

Thursday, April 30, 2020 ※It became postponement.
Friday, June 19, 2020
・Interview about 30 minutes
※ We notify the first selection passer of the details of the meeting time, place (the Yokohama city).
  When notice does not arrive in of the first selection passer by May 31, 2020, please contact the, therefore, following contact information.

We publish examinee's seat number of passer on the homepage of City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters.
In addition, we notify all the examinees even of document regardless of the results.

3.Selection contents

Selection contents
Selection divisionSelection subjectSelection timeContents
The first selectionArticle90 minutesDescription-type specialized idea ⽂ (number of characters around 1,000 characters) for given problem
※Please refer to examination guidance for questions range.
The second selectionInterviewAbout 30 minutesIndividual interview

4.Application method

(application accepts only mail. Apply by simple registered mail by all means. We do not accept window, application by the Internet.)

About submission documents and application method
Application method
Submission documents

●One adoption selection examination application which we filled in required items on

●One piece of self-addressed envelope which we filled in Address, full name of admission ticket to an examination destination and put 84-yen stamp on
(with fixed form envelope, use long form 3 (around 12*23.5cm) as much as possible. In addition, please add "state" to full name by all means.)

●Copy of pharmacist driver's license (only when we already have license)

Application method

[reception desk period]
  From Monday, February 10, 2020 to Thursday, March 19, 2020 (must arrive by the deadline)
  〒231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters personnel department medical technology staff adoption charge
 It is mail for mail that specifies own Address, full name on the back of the envelope, and writes as "the application living-in-inside" by red character on the surface, and is certain
 Please treat as "simple registered mail" by all means in station. In addition, copy of simple registered mail is for confirmation means when admission ticket to an examination does not arrive
 Please keep by all means until masunode, admission ticket to an examination arrive. In addition, even if bring directly in the address mentioned above, application is with reputation
 On 1 application entry, please read "attention in entry" of application well.
 We do not accept with paper of format except 2 predetermined applications.


1.When it is revealed there not being eligibility requirements for an examination or that the application items mentioned are not right, we may cancel pass.
2.As a general rule, time of adoption becomes April, 2021, but it is adopted before that by the situation.
3.Problem becomes questions by printing type print sentence.
4.We will not return documents submitted in this selection at all.
5.Personal information that Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters collects on examination does not do use to purpose except desk work about adoption selection and adoption at all.
 But we will use personal information of adopter as personnel affairs information.
6.Please talk about where consideration in examination is needed for physical obstacles over telephones at the time of application by all means.
7.For confirmation that is health condition that is enough for duties accomplishment for passer, we diagnose medical institution after consultation with style that Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters determines
 Please submit result.
8.We disclose by regulations of "regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information" Article 32 orally and, about result of this adoption selection, can request.
 With telephone, postcard as cannot request, examinee come directly. In addition, identity verification is necessary on this occasion
 Well, take examinee's seat number card to hand at the time of selection.
9.To the second selection unsuccessful applicant, we list general order of the selection concerned, score of selection subject and standard mark in unacceptable notice.
10.It is adopted as the "staff 1" regardless of age, experience. (reference), as for the promotion stage, is divided into three of staff 1-3, is the staff 1 in that
 It is adopted as (we acquire essential basic ability, knowledge as city officials and work on activation of the workplace in new viewpoint in pursuance of duties steadily.).
11.Retirement age age of the staff is decided with end of the fiscal year of the year when it arrived at 60 years old by "the regulations about retirement ages of the Yokohama-shi general office work staff".

About request for disclosure of selection result

About request for disclosure
Person who can do it of request for disclosureDisclosureDisclosure places

Selection unsuccessful applicant
(only as for the person)

General order of the selection concerned
Score of selection subject
And it is standard mark
Disclosure period: It is two weeks from announcement that selection passes.
Disclosure place: We perform in City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters personnel department.
Disclosure time: From 8:45 to 17:15 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are excluded. Please make a reservation beforehand.)
※We list thing like disclosure in unacceptable notice and send to the second selection unsuccessful applicant.

6.About passing announcement

Passing announcement is this

7.About conduct of visit to hospital society

Person that participation is hoped for accesses application form, and apply for required items after mention by deadline for each application.

 ※ We cannot apply for plural. When plural applications are done, we invalidate other than the thing which arrived at first.
 ※ About cases that change like preferred date and visit are declined after the application, please contact the following reference directly.
 ※ Line may be crowded just before that on the application deadline. In addition, it is used temporarily of reception desk period by maintenance check of system apparatus
   As you may not do it, please apply with margin. In addition, disorders on used PC and communication line occur
   About trouble when we did, we do not take responsibility at all.

[pharmacist visit society]
 Conduct schedule (1) Monday, March 2 ※Application was finished. (2) Monday, March 9 ※It is called off.
 Meeting time 10:25
 The neighborhood of the first floor of the meeting place stroke, nerve backbone center synthesis consultation desk (on the day we post guidance indication)
 Belonging   Mask (white coats such as writing implements, slippers are unnecessary.)
 Until schedule Wednesday, February 26 17:00 of deadline for application (1) ※Application was finished.
      (2) Of this until schedule Wednesday, March 4 17:00 ※It is called off.
      (※) After visit of the stroke, nerve backbone center, please move to municipal hospital by each person in the afternoon. The meeting time of the afternoon
         And meeting place is foreign hall counter in front of municipal hospital pharmacy ninth window on the first floor at 13:55 (with front entrance in the left depths
         ) which becomes.

≪Visit society applicant application form≫
  Product for PCs:
 Product for smartphones:

Visit party of March 9 is called off.
Visit society of March 2 will carry out, but please bring by all means as mask wearing is necessary at the time of participation.
In addition, please undergo medical treatment at home when you have a cold, symptom of fever without participating.
At the time of absence, please contact the following contact number.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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