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Instruction inspection (Health and Social Welfare Bureau jurisdiction) of Yokohama-shi

Last update date September 20, 2019


Type of instruction inspection

In Yokohama-shi, we carry out instruction inspection based on relations laws and ordinances, notice for securing of appropriate administration of social welfare corporation, facility and teach improvement when we do not meet standard and teach necessary advice about the administration whole.

  • General instruction inspection

We perform by practice as one time of degree, principle based on laws and ordinances, notice of relationships and summary of city, instruction inspection conduct policy every year. But, about "corporation instruction inspection", corporation admitted that it is run well by instruction inspection results of last year does once in two years. In addition, corporation working on inspection from the outside or complaint solution positively may assume conduct once in four years. About "facility instruction inspection", facility admitted that it is run well does with conduct once in two years from instruction inspection results of last year. In addition, age that we do not inspect by practice may perform written inspection.

  • Coaching inspection

When we refuse general instruction inspection that sufficient reason grieves at, we perform in the practice depending on contents such as problems including case that there is serious problem with administration such as corporations.

Method of instruction inspection

As a general rule, we carry out general instruction inspection over March in the next year from June. In conduct, account books inspect dossier by extraction and, by hearing from staff of corporation, facility, confirm the administration situation of corporation and the facility administration situation such as management service offers.

  • Flow of inspection

We notify representative of corporation, facility of other required items on inspection conduct day.
We demand submission of some materials beforehand.
We confirm the administration situation of corporation, facility or the situation of facility, facilities, service offer on that day.

Measures after instruction inspection

  • Sending of comment, result notification

Improvement reports necessary matter orally and, about result of instruction inspection, will send "instruction inspection result notification" which listed indication matter and advice matter to representatives of social welfare corporation, facility later. There are "document indication matter" and "oral indication matter" in indication matter listed in this notification.

  • Improvement instruction and improvement report

About "document indication matter", we request to report possibility of improvement result or improvement in document.

Instruction inspection conduct summaries

As a result of instruction inspection (from 2015 to 2018)

※There not being indication matter or few things are not tied to evaluation of contents of the offered welfare service promptly.

  • 2018

Summary (PDF: 752KB) of instruction inspection result

  • 2017

Summary (PDF: 840KB) of instruction inspection result

  • 2016

Summary (PDF: 1,047KB) of instruction inspection result

  • 2015

Summary (PDF: 907KB) of instruction inspection result

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