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About care aid

Last update date May 15, 2020

With care aid

Care aid by National Assistance Act was founded newly in 2000 to guarantee as content of minimum life about care service targeted for The Long-term Care Insurance with introduction of nursing-care insurance system. (law Article 11 Paragraph 1 No. 5)

News about care aid

Eligible people of care aid

"It applies to person requiring nursing care who cannot maintain minimum life for the poverty, supporter required" and is considered to be (2 of law Article 15), and person who showed to the following tables becomes eligible people of care aid specifically.

Eligible people of care aid
Social security recipients 65 years or olderFirst insured person of The Long-term Care Insurance
Social security recipients 40 years old or older under 65Medical insurance memberNo. 2 person insured of The Long-term Care Insurance
Medical insurance non-memberPerson except person insured

About expense burden ratio of care aid and The Long-term Care Insurance payment

Expense burden ratio of care aid and care payment
DivisionRatio of expense burden
First, 2 person insured of The Long-term Care InsuranceThe Long-term Care Insurance payment 90%Care aid 10%
Person except person insuredCare aid 100%

Method of care aid

We perform care aid based on application from social security recipient. When it is admitted that care service is necessary, we will receive offer of care service from care organization which received designation by National Assistance Act, but, as a general rule, about payment method of care service, it is said that we perform by benefit in kind. (2 of law Article 54, 2 of law Article 34)
Specifically, instead of collecting user self-pay from social security recipient, designated care engine demands grant of care ticket from Health and Welfare Center and will request care aid costs from National Health Insurance ream (association of National Health Insurance group society) based on information registered by care ticket.

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