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About protective institution

Last update date July 30, 2018

Protective institution is social welfare facility based on National Assistance Act, and three kinds of aid station, rehabilitation facilities, medical care facility are in the city. We introduce aid station and rehabilitation facilities which are entrance facility in particular in this page.

What is 1 protective institution (aid station, rehabilitation facilities)?

□ Aid station
We are poor and local life is difficult and enter life to have remarkable disability in in body or mind and receive life support.

□ Rehabilitation facilities
We are poor, and local life enters with difficulties and life by obstacle in in body or mind and receives support to independence.

Protective institution in 2 Yokohama-shi

In the city, aid station provides equipment 3, and rehabilitation facilities have 3 facilities.
yokohamashiurafuneen and Yokohama-shi center Hiro building which are public facilities facility are run by designated manager.

List of protective institutions (relief, rebirth)
ClassificationName of the facilityIt is driven by settingIt is driven by administrationAddressCapacity
yokohamashiurafuneenYokohama-shi(fortune) shinnakawakenkyosumikai3-46, Urafunecho, Minami-ku100
Village of Kiyoaki(fortune) association of Yokohama social welfare5-315, Nakamuracho, Minami-ku190
Okano welfare hall(fortune) royal gift foundation Kanagawa countryman protection society2-15-6, Okano, Nishi-ku130
Yokohama-shi center Hiro buildingYokohama-shi(fortune) Yokohama-shi institutional society3-211, Nakamuracho, Minami-ku68
The people building(fortune) Yokohama love neighboring meeting1-27, Mutsumicho, Minami-ku68
Kotsuki-Ryo(fortune) early childhood protection society1-19-20, Maruyama, Isogo-ku50

Designated manager of 3 protective institutions

With introduction of designated manager system in public facilities facility, administration by designated manager began in protective institution of Yokohama-shi.

(1) The choice procedure of designated manager
In Yokohama-shi, it should be designated manager, and we choose, and we receive decision of assembly, and is appointed as designated manager by open call for participants.
About yokohamashiurafuneen and Yokohama-shi center Hiro building, candidate chosen by choice Committee was appointed as designated manager in the City Counsil regular assembly in the fourth in 2010. Designated manager chose by open call for participants.

(2) Yokohama-shi protective institution-designated manager choice Committee
We can read the minutes of choice Committee and information about committee in Health and Social Welfare Bureau life support section and citizen's information center (only as for the minutes).

(3) Business plan, business report

yokohamashiurafuneen2016 business plan (PDF: 128KB)
2016 business report (PDF: 394KB)
2017 business plan (PDF: 163KB)
Yokohama-shi center Hiro building2016 business plan (PDF: 92KB)
2016 business report (PDF: 98KB)
2017 business plan (PDF: 108KB)

From designated manager, business report is submitted after the year.
We can read submitted business report in Health and Social Welfare Bureau life support section.
Person that reading is hoped for puts us below for inquiries, and please refer.
Person in charge of City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau life support section desk work
Telephone 045(671) 2417
FAX 045(664) 0403

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