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Livelihood protection system

Last update date June 24, 2020

Consultation counter of person whom life is troubling

About consultation, we go in life support section of ward to live. At first, we can talk on the telephone.
Consultation counter of each ward

When we had trouble with explanation - life of system―

We have right to life (right to live) as human being in anyone. It is livelihood protection system that Constitution of Japan Article 25 was made to realize fate, this right concretely saying "people have all right to run cultural minimum life with health.".
Please consult with life support section of ward to live.

Bookmark (2020 version) of social security (PDF: 4,124KB)

Not only we guarantee people having trouble with merely life minimum life, but also livelihood protection system is intended that we help independence positively. Social security has four next principles.

Principle of national responsibility
For people who are poor in life, we carry out protection in the responsibility of country.

Principle of indiscriminate equality
Race, creed, sex, social social position pay their attention only to the current poverty state, and they protect cause that fell into the life poverty from the start regardless of all.

Principle of the minimum life
As content of protection, minimum life that can maintain the cultural standard of living with health established in constitution is guaranteed.

Principle of complementariness
All the things which assets, ability for labor, the others are available to conjugate for the lowest life maintenance. When pension , allowance can undergo other laws, measures, at first, we utilize them.
Couple, parent, support of duty of supporting person including brothers have priority over protection.

Livelihood assistance
The food expenses, clothing costs, photothermal water costs

Housing benefit
Rent, security deposit, house repair costs

Education aid
School things costs, compulsory education study costs such as school lunch fees

Medical aid
Expenses such as medical treatment, treatment

Care aid
Expense to use care service

Childbirth aid
Expenses such as birth hospitalization, hygiene materials

Occupation aid
Expense to acquire expense and skill at the time of small business start

Funeral aid
Expenses such as cremation in the death, body transportation

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