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Money of special condolence for the bereaved such as the eleventh war dead

We provide the bereaved with money of condolence (signature government bonds) particularly to feel for holy sacrifice such as the war dead who became today's peace of Japan and foundation of prosperity, and to express will of condolence some other time as country.

Last update date May 26, 2020

We restart request procedure (as for the request period until March 31, 2023)

With cancellation of emergency declaration, we will restart request for money of special condolence procedure,
About new coronavirus infectious disease, the unpredictable situation still continues.
When many people come to ward office by request procedure, "3 is dense" and is in a condition of (sealing space, crowd place, close scene),
The risk of infection increases.
※Please wait in the next agency every month as window is crowded very much at the beginning (1-5 days).

It is established until March 31, 2023 during request period.
As we still have request period to spare, we recommend request that we pause for security for a while for all of you.

About payment of money of special condolence

Supply eligible people

In April 1, 2020 (basic date), get "government affairs aid money by pension law" or "survivor's pensions by the protection method such as the war disabled war dead bereaved"; when person (wife or parents such as the war dead) is not, by the next turn nobody of the bereaved of point order is provided with money of condolence (face value 250,000 yen, signature government bonds of five years repayment) particularly most.
※One on behalf of the bereaved receives money of condolence especially. Adjustment between the bereaved received signature government bonds, and please take responsibility.

Priority of supply eligible people
1 orderPerson who acquired entitlements of money of condolence by the protection method such as the war disabled war dead bereaved by April 1, 2020
2 orderChildren such as the war dead
3 order

It is siblings grandparents 4 grandchild 3 parents 2 1 such as the war dead
※By living-related yes or no at the time of the death such as the war dead, turns are replaced.

4 order

Relative (nephew, niece) in the third degree of kinship such as the war dead except the above
※We limit to person who shared living relations with the war dead sequentially more than one year until death time such as the war dead.

Request period

From April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2023 (three years)

Request window

Ward office life support section desk work person in charge who lives
※When adult guardians apply, is person in charge of ward office life support section desk work of Address place such as adult guardians with mention on entry certificate

Main documents necessary for request

 Required documents varies among claimers, but the following documents are common, and they are necessary.
(1)Public identity verification material (the original) of claimer
  [in the case of proxy/agent application] Public identity verification material (possible copy) of public identity verification information about proxy/agent (the original) + claimer
(2)[in the case of proxy/agent application] Proxy
(3)Private seal (killer whale grouper impossibility) of claimer
(5)Registration form such as private seal
(6)Petition for bereaved present situation
(7)Certificate of partial family register as of April 1, 2020
(8)Decision notification past (only as for the money of condolence person whom we have received special in the past) 
※Person in charge of ward office life support section desk work has (2)(4) - (6) mentioned above.
By claimer, there are necessary documents besides.
Please refer to ward office life support section desk work person in charge whom claimer lives.


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