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Free small sum accommodation business

Last update date April 2, 2020

With free small sum lodging

It is facility established as "loan or business to let you use lodging or other facilities in housing temporarily at rate that is free of charge or small sum for person of living difficulty" among the second kind social work with fate in social welfare method Article 2 Paragraph 3.

About "the regulations about standard of facilities of Yokohama-shi free of charge small sum lodging and administration"

Based on regulations of the social welfare method "the regulations (December, 2019 Yokohama-shi regulations No. 35.about standard of facilities of Yokohama-shi free of charge small sum lodging and administration We say "the regulations" as follows and establish) (the April 1, 2020 enforcement).

Summary of the regulations

Definition of 1 for free small sum lodging
 We satisfy "one of (1) - (3)" and "(4)"
(1) Limiting eligible people of entering to person having difficulty with living.
(2) Contract that 50% or more are almost social security recipients and also affect entering of the total number of resident being contract except lease contract.
(3) Receiving the living room fee that 50% or more are almost social security recipients and win for total number of resident and expense except utility fee, and providing services such as meals.
(4) The fee for use of living room being the amount of housing benefit standard of social security or less.

Standard about 2 facilities and administration
(1) Facility scale (capacity)
Five or more being able to enter.
(2) Placement of the staff
Other than one Mayor of facility, locate the staff depending on the number of the residents and service content to offer.
(3) Qualification of the staff
Being admitted that we have ability that is equal to Mayor of facility having social welfare director appointment qualification or thing or these engaging in social work more than two years.
(4) Structure of living room
Being private room having strong partitioning wall and door which achieved capacity as one to ceiling.
(5) Floor space of living room
Except storing facilities, it is 7.43 square meters (about 4.5 tatami) of things.
(6) Fee
Depending on contents of item of expenditure, do with sum that you set in consideration for expense becoming needed to offer the actual expenses and service.

About the details of each matter and other standards, please confirm the regulations.

Yokohama-shi "guidelines on free small sum accommodation business"

In Yokohama-shi "guidelines (say "guidelines" as follows.) about Yokohama-shi free of charge small sum lodging Other than report documents which preadjustment and law with Yokohama-shi before business start, neighborhood inhabitants stipulate in ", we set required documents originally.
In addition, we set standard about setting or all-out constant number every ward when we build more at free small sum lodging.
In addition, about revision of separate table, we let you reflect result of national investigation (round numbers investigation) about the homeless actual situation by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and revise.

Various report styles

Reference example


We publish list of facility performing free small sum accommodation business in Yokohama-shi and companies.

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