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Information for Address place exception system

Last update date November 5, 2020

With Address place exception

Insured person will concentrate on the Address place special provision object facility municipalities which are built a lot when we do moved in Address with entrance/hospitalization to facility in insured person of the municipalities of the facility location uniformly, and payment costs increase.
It is Address place exception system that was established to correct such a financial disproportion.
Person corresponded to in Address place exception system comes to remain a person insured of the municipalities which originally lived without becoming to person insured of the transference municipalities.

Facility where is targeted for Address place exception

1.Care for the elder welfare facilities (special elderly nursing home) (less than 30 capacity are excluded)
2.Care for the elder healthcare facility
3.Care medical treatment model medical facilities, the House of care medical care
4.Specific facility (less than with model for exclusive use of care and 30 capacity are excluded)
  Pay nursing home
  Economical life-care facility (type A, type B), nursing care center
  Nursing home for the elderly
5.Among houses for elderly people with service, we correspond to pay nursing home.
  ※Please refer to the following table.

List of facilities in Yokohama-shi

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