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Guidance of welfare for the elderly health business

We can download PDF version of guidance of welfare for the elderly health business by lump

Last update date December 2, 2020

2020 welfare for the elderly health business guidance

As for the information for nursing-care insurance system, please see Yokohama-shi The Long-term Care Insurance general information (heart page).

Individual downloading

1 Yokohama area inclusion care plan

2 care prevention, health promotion, purpose of life promotion measure

We care, and it is prevented by cheerful house! GoGo health! Look at this.

  • No. 21 welfare center for the old
  • No. 22 elderly person rest training facility fureyu [In detail (the outside site)]
  • No. 23 old man rest house

3 services out of the The Long-term Care Insurance

  • As for No. 24 material, as for the elderly people, it is everyday life tool (Anshin Denwa (emergency help call)) loan business [Details]
  • No. 25 elderly person meal service business [Details]
  • No. 26 life support service elderly person watches; cooperation business (life relief support business) [Details]
  • As for No. 27 material, as for the elderly people, it is everyday life tool (paper diaper) payment business [Details]
  • No. 28 visit law of nature beauty service business [Details]
  • No. 29 going out support service business [Details]
  • No. 30 visit dental practice [Details]
  • No. 31 life support short stay business
  • No. 32 visit instruction business [Details]
  • No. 33 halfway person with a disability local action center [Details]
  • No. 34 at-home rehabilitation business
  • No. 35 dementia elderly person health welfare consultation business
  • No. 36 Yokohama dementia call center [Details]
  • Urgent correspondence business such as No. 37 dementia elderly people
  • No. 38 dementia elderly person area support project [Details]
  • No. 39 dementia disease medical center business [Details]
  • No. 40 dementia supporter caravan business [Details]
  • Support promotion business [intensive in the early period of No. 41 dementiaDetails]
  • No. 42 caregiver support [Details]
  • No. 43 juvenile dementia support coordinator [Details]
  • As for No. 44 elderly people, it is house environmental service [Details]
  • No. 45 Municipal Housing [In detail (the outside site)]
  • Subsidized housing [for No. 46 Yokohama-shi elderly peopleDetails]
  • House registration system [for elderly people with No. 47 serviceIn detail (the outside site)]
  • No. 48 Yokohama-shi private enterprise house relief entering business [Details]
  • Consultation business [of No. 49 Yokohama-shi houseDetails]
  • No. 50 elderly person moving to promotion business [Details]
  • No. 51 Yokohama contact grant
  • No. 52 Yokohama-shi care prevention, life support service assistance business [Details]
  • No. 53 Yokohama-shi elderly person purpose of life activity promotion support project [Details]
  • No. 54 Yokohama-shi care prevention, interchange base maintenance business [Details]
  • No. 55 welfare health training interchange center "we ring Yokohama" [Details]
  • No. 56 Yokohama life relief center, kushakyo relief center
  • No. 57 Yokohama adult guardianship promotion center [In detail (the outside site)]
  • No. 58 nursing home for the elderly
  • No. 59 economical life-care facility (type A) (nursing care center) [Details]
  • No. 60 care plaza maintenance administration business [Details]
  • No. 61 stroke, nerve backbone center administration business [Details]
  • No. 62 medical system for elder senior citizens [in detail]
  • No. 63 severeness person with a disability medical expenses support business [Details]

4 and others (reduction of taxes of pension , tax)

  • No. 67 National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) (old-age pension) [Details]
  • No. 68 old-age welfare pension
  • Medical expenses subtraction [such as No. 69 The Long-term Care Insurance servicesDetails] [Medical expenses subtraction about diaper]
  • Allowance for disabled persons [of income tax of No. 70 elderly personDetails]
  • Allowance for disabled persons [of municipal tax, prefectural tax of No. 71 elderly personDetails]
  • Reduction system [of property tax for No. 72 barrier-free house which we repairedDetails]
  • No. 73 oversized garbage processing fee [Details]
  • No. 74 water rate, sewerage system usage fee-related [Details]
  • Support [of getting out No. 75 garbageDetails]
  • System [that absentee vote is possible by No. 76 mail at homesDetails]
  • Town development promotion business [of No. 77 welfareDetails]
  • No. 78 disaster tower support project [requiredDetails]
  • No. 79 Yokohama-shi welfare adjustment Committee [Details]

5 reference materials

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