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The second STEP promotion

It is spiritually rich and, targeting at generations reaching retirement at the age limit, suggests introduction of administrative services to support everyday life after hint and Retirement living a life, contribution to society activity in area, activity of sports and hobby in town which lived so long

Last update date May 10, 2019

We are equal in working hours in office at life time after Retirement

Can you remember one-day how to spend after Retirement?

Please write one-day how to spend (the future) after and you are before Retirement (now) Retirement.

Can you remember person concerned in everyday life after the Retirement?

Please begin to write person (the number of people) to be concerned with in everyday life after and it is before Retirement (now) Retirement in (the future).

Person in everyday life concerned
Person concerned

In front of Retirement (weekdays)

In front of Retirement (holiday)After the Retirement


Work friend, the boss, subordinatePeoplePeoplePeople
Neighborhood, local personPeoplePeoplePeople
Friend of hobby, circle activityPeoplePeoplePeople
Friend of school daysPeoplePeoplePeople
Doctor, nurse of family hospitalPeoplePeoplePeople

Video, booklet which becomes hint to be spiritually rich, and to live in town which lived so long after the retirement at the age limit

We make video, booklet which becomes hint of all of the seniors to have you step forward to second STEP in Yokohama-shi and release.
[video] Hint (the second STEP first part) to be spiritually rich, and to live

[video] Hint (the second STEP latter part) to be spiritually rich, and to live

[booklet] Hint to be spiritually rich, and to live

Introduction of seminar event

[Kanazawa Ward purpose of life working support spot opening seminar]

Wednesday, May 29


Lively center the third floor of Kanazawa meeting room (from Kanazawa-Bunko Station a 10-minute walk)


・Work support seminar
・Message from senior support company
・Introduction of the second STEP promotion business


Kanazawa Ward purpose of life working support spot
TEL: 045-370-8356

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