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About welfare center for the old

Last update date June 1, 2020

About the reopening of welfare center for the old

On Monday, May 25, 2020, emergency declaration of 4 capital prefectures of metropolitan area including Kanagawa was canceled. As a result, about welfare center for the old which we closed for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we reopen progressively.
As resumption days are different, please see (plan) on resumption day of the following "guidance of each facility" for each facility.
We reopen, but the use assumes only use of group (personal use impossibility) for the time being. In addition, sorry for your inconvenience, but please refer to each facility for the details as room which we can use varies according to facilities.

Guidance of the use
The use timeFrom 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
But there are facility, rooms unlike the use time for center such as bathrooms.
Closed daysNew Year holidays, facility check day
In addition, it may become temporary closing by check, construction.
Available person(1)People living in the city 60 years or older and person of attendance
(2)Parents, grandparents of person living in the city 60 years or older or child
Usage(1)Please show identification of use at reception desk. *Identification of use is common throughout all the buildings.
(2)The first person, please show respect for the old special identification of ride, thing which qualifications use including card, driver's license, health insurance card, age including care health insurance card and residence in Yokohama-shi can confirm with * to reception desk. We issue identification of use.
(3)When you use in group or group, please apply beforehand.
FeeFree of charge
Facility contents

Large hall, entertainment corner, bathroom or shower room, healthy counselor's office,
Rehabilitation room, book corner, Japanese-style room, tea-ceremony room
In addition, please confirm in detail to center.

Each notice of facility
NameAddressPhone numberFAX numberResumption day (plan)
Utopia green leaves4-2, Moegino, Aoba-ku974-5400974-5405June 1
Happy longevity-so2-33-2, Shirane, Asahi-ku953-5315953-5317June 15
Spring Kotobuki-so3-11, Nishigaoka, Izumi-ku813-0861813-0862June 15
Kiraku-Sou3-1-41, Isogo, Isogo-ku753-2861753-2863June 1
Back stripe-so20-1, Tatemachi, Kanagawa-ku401-5640401-5640June 16
Haze kanazawa1-21-5, Deiki, Kanazawa-ku782-2908782-2909

June 1

Horai-so6-22-38, Kounandai, Kounan-ku832-0811832-0813June 15
Kikuna Jurakuso3-10-20, Kikuna, Kouhoku-ku433-1255433-2895June 15
Green style-so2-21-1, Noshichiri, Sakae-ku891-4141891-4143-※
Seya sum comfort-so3-18-1, Seya, Seya-ku303-4400303-4464June 1
Follow; green Kotobuki-so2-1, Kuzugaya, Tsuzuki-ku941-8380942-3979June 1
Longevity-so4-39-1, Baba, Tsurumi-ku584-2581584-2583June 1
Tozuka oak cherry blossoms-so2304-5, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku865-3281865-3283June 15
Barley field Seifuuso1-26-1, Mugitacho, Naka-ku664-2301664-2302June 2
Noge mountain cottage26-1, Oimatsucho, Nishi-ku261-1290261-1293June 16
Hunting ground wind in the early summer-so295-2, Karibacho, Hodogaya-ku742-2311741-2216-※
It is so green faintly825-1, Tookaichibacho, Midori-ku985-6323985-6324-※
South Kotobuki-so2-32-1, Minamiota, Minami-ku741-8812741-8813June 1

※As green style-so, hunting ground wind in the early summer-so, green need facility repair faintly about so, resumption day is undecided at present.

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