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Of "card with *" how to use

Last update date September 24, 2020

"Card with *" with "* when show to the support shop", can receive services such as discount of products, admission.
With meaning to want card to go to attendant friend same (co) anytime, I hand "card to Yokohama citizens 65 years or older with *".
With "* when by having go to town happily with card", is connected, and find hobby for health maintenance again, have spend days full of life; if help, is happy.
Do you not go to various places with "card by all means with *" either?

Where can I have "card with *"?

Person become 65 years old sends to the person with care health insurance card. Other person issues at ward office. On application, please bring indenture (health insurance card, driver's license) found to be Yokohama citizens 65 years or older.

To take "the support shop list as *"

We distribute in ward office, service counter in the city hall. ※Information of the support shop is updated at any time. Please search the latest information on website (the outside site) of card with *.

Where is "card usable with *"?
Of "support shop with *" find;?

We can use "card in "the support shop with *" with *". "Support shop with *" with "* is shop and facility where sticker of design same as card" is put on. The support shop is published in the next brochures.
(1) Brochure "list of support shops with *"
(2) With * card website (the outside site)
※Part of sticker is in store which is not shown.

In the front using "card with *"

Precautions (please look after by all means)
  • We issue to Yokohama citizens 65 years or older.
  • It becomes issuance only for one piece, but reissues per person when it is lost. Please ask ward office to live.
  • Please fill in full name, Address, the date of birth on card by all means. Of entry when there is not, is not available.
  • When the presentation of mention of the back side information is demanded from the support shop, please show.
  • When we are transferred in the suburbs, we cannot use. Please return to ward office.
  • Please do not transfer to third party.
  • Only the person is available for the use of card. We cannot use substitution.
  • We cannot use this card out of purpose.
  • About contents of change and service of service contents, please note that Yokohama-shi cannot take responsibility at all because you carry out special treatment service by cooperation of each facility, store.

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